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Reminder that we are starting the Whole Life Challenge Saturday. We will be at the gym a bit early Sat @ 8:30 if you need to get measurements and the workout done. Also those that can make it to class tomorrow (Friday)  can do the WLC testing workout if needed. If you know nothing about the challenge read up here
and join our team here

5 Min Burpee B-Ball
Strict Press Review
Work up to a Heavy/Challenging starting set of 5 Strict Press


Strict Press  5-5-5-5
Ascend to 5RM for the day.
Rest 2-3 mins between sets ….12 Min Cap

KB Strength Alternative
5 x Max Reps Single Arm Strict Press (AHASP)
Rest 1 Min between alternating arms


6 Rounds or 20 Mins (whichever comes first)
10 Clean & Jerks
10 Calorie Ski, Row or 10 Burpees (touching PU rig in each rep)
Rest 1 Min Between Rounds

* Each person will do each of the cardiovascular elements twice. 

ADV: 135/95#
Foundation: Sandbag Ground to OH

 5 x 30/30 Bear Crawl /Plank

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