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Tom from Monday’s Workout.

Lunge Dislocates (per side)
Air Squats
Ring Rows
KB Strict Press


Teams of 3

15 Mins
Max KB Headcutters (far side of gym)
Sled Push Transport
Rest (chalkboard side)

5 Mins off

15 Mins
Max Slamballs (far side of gym)
Sandbag Drag Transport
Rest (chalkboard side)

Notes: How this works for part 1 is that there will always be a member of the team doing Headcutters at the ski side of the gym. The Sled Push is the transport to bring the other teammates to relieve the headcutter… If Joey, Dicky & Teddy were a team, Joey would rest at the chalkboard side of the gym while Dicky pushed the sled to Teddy who was doing the headcutters. Upon bringing sled to Teddy, Dicky would take over on the headcutters and Teddy would push the sled to Joey who would then push it back to the far side to relieve Dicky on the headcutters.. Got it? Basically if someone brings you the sled or the sandbag then you have to bring that to the other person on the team and take over for them.

Yoga Flow

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