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New Year…New Goals..Perhaps?

5 Min Dynamic


“Hang On” Row or Ski


With a continuously running clock, each player starts the first minute with an ALL OUT 20 second effort to establish starting # of Calories and rests the remaining 40 seconds of that minute.  All odd minutes are rest. The next even min they have to add 1 more calorie (no more than 1) to the starting number and repeat that on the even minutes until they cannot get the required cals in 60 seconds. When you fail to get the cals…your workout is over. Your score is the highest # of Cals you completed in 60 seconds.  Initially you will have plenty of rest and social time…but as the Cals and your efforts increase the rest decreases….hence “Hang On”. Don’t dog the 20 second all out as it will only prolong your workout and likely give you a worse score. Good Luck

Lets say Ronny Rowzone establishes 10 Calories in the 20 Second All Out… His Workout would look like this

Min 0 – (gets 10 Cals in 20 second & rests remaining 40 seconds)
Min 1 – Rest
Min 2 – Must get 11 Cals in 60 seconds to continue
Min 3 – Rest
Min 4 – Must get 12 Cals in 60 seconds to continue
Min 5 – Rest
Min 6 – Must get 13 Cals in 60 seconds to continue

Etc… Ronny Repeats until he is unable to get the Cals in 60 Seconds…

*We may have to run heats for this so if that is the case cheer on your fellow classmates as this one is extremely hard mentally if you are giving it a full go.

Cheer on Folks or a couple flat loops..

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