Another great TED on slowing down!



Review of Front Squat & 8 Mins to work up to starting set


Front Squat 5-5-5-5
Work up to a Heavy/Challenging starting set then Ascend to 5RM for the day.
Rest 2-3 mins between sets ….12 Min Cap

*Compare to 11/06/14

KB/Sandbag Alternative: 5 sets of Max Reps KB or Sandbag Zercher Squats
2 mins rest between


Kettlebell Gone Bad

3 rounds of as Many Reps As Possible In 1 minute

  • Russian KB Swing
  • KB Headcutter
  • Single Arm Rack Lunge
  • Single Arm Clean & Jerk
  • Bent Row
  • Rest

RX: As close to 1/3 for gents & 1/4 of Bodyweight as the bells will allow.

6 min Single Arm OH Carry. Alternate sides as needed

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