Just want to give a heads up that CFCA has created a team for the upcoming Winter Whole Life Challenge. Click the link if you are unfamiliar with it. Unlike most Paleo Challenges the WLC has multiple facets of “health” beyond just nutrition that you track over the 8 weeks. Also there are 3 nutritional levels you can pick based on what will be most sustainable for YOU!.  And that’s really the point. The goal should not be to win per say but to establish healthier patterns that can be maintained after the challenge ends. If you are considering doing it….YOU SHOULD!  Here is the link to our team and the Facebook group

*Remember – AM & Noon Class Only Today (Wednesday) 

6 min Tabata Call Out
Review of  TGU & Rope Climb


18 mins for Quality
2-3 Heavy Turkish Get Ups on 1 side (3 if your feeling solid)
2 Rope Climbs  or Rope Pulls


Teams of 3-4 to 200 Cals
Gimme Gimme down & back  then 10/6 Cal Ski Sprint
* back to back effort then tag out once the ski sprint is finished and next person will start Gimme….

6 Min AMRAP of a Weakness

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