Holiday Schedule

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 11.49.04 AM
Packing for vacation….homemade rings and a sandbag carcass (to be filled and left in South Carolina)

Here is the Holiday Schedule for the latter part of next week through New Years. Please check it over so you don’t show up disappointed.  Remember lots of options on the vacation WOD link if you are traveling or can’t make class.  Time priority (20-30min) Up ladders (1,2,3…….) tend to work best from a motivational standpoint when you are on your own. Plus the warm-up is sort of built in too.  Remember just because it may not be “for time” doesn’t mean it’s ineffective.

Wednesday 12/24
5:30AM through Noon Only (No Evening Classes)
Christmas Day 12/25
Closed for Holiday

Friday 12/26
9AM & 5PM Only
Saturday 12/27
9AM Team
Sunday 12/28
9 to 10:30 AM Open Gym
Monday 12/29
Reg Schedule
Tuesday 12/30
Reg Schedule
Wednesday 12/31
5:30AM through Noon Only (No Evening Classes
New Years Day 1/01
Friday: Resume Reg Schedule

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