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Had a great Seminar on Saturday with Eva T. Hopefully it was eye opening and informative to all the CFCA-ers who attended. We will likely do a re-cap of the information/experiences she shared at some point this week.

3 Rounds
Bear Crawl length of the gym
7 KB Headcutters
Walking Lunge
7 PVC Dislocates (slow!)

WOD – OBJ: Skill Development then High Intensity

EMOM for 12 Mins

Pick One of the following

  • 3 Muscle-ups (Ring or Bar) Attempts Count
  • 3 False Grip DH Pull-ups /3 Ring Dips
  • 1 Pull-up Negative/ 1 Ring Support Hold

Russian Swings
400M Run

Russian Swings
200m Run

2 Flat Loops

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