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Just a reminder we are having Eva Twardokens come to CFCA this Saturday for  seminar on Sustainable Fitness. There will be NO Team WOD Sat AM as this is an all day event. We will likely have a WOD on Sunday AM as a replacement. Still a few spots open for the seminar if you’re interested. Come get coached by one of the best in the nation! Email us if your interested.

5 Min Dynamic

5 Min Med Ball Toss – 1 min Each
5 Min Free Mobilty


As a team of 2 
Max Rope Climbs in 15 Mins ADV: Straddle Rope Climb
Pacer: Tire Flip Down & Back the length of gym

3 Min Rest

As a team of 2
Max Ring Push-ups in 15 Mins ADV: Strict HSPU
Pacer: 20 Sandbag Zercher Squats

Banded Shoulder Stretches
1 Min Couch Stretch per side
2 Min at Bottom of Squat off rig

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