Survey Recap

“Survey Saaaaayyyyys?”

First off, thanks to all who took the time to give us feedback on the current status of CFCA. We had 50 folks fill out the survey and we really appreciate you taking time in your busy lives to give us thoughtful feedback. This survey comes at a great time where we can implement some changes that we feel will help make CFCA that much better.

New Schedule/ Programming changes as a result of your feedback….
After reading through the surveys, we have decided to go ahead and make some changes that we have been thinking about for a bit. The first thing we are going to do is add classes to the schedule so that most days are fairly equal in terms of class time offerings. This will include adding a Tuesday 6:45am, a Thursday 5:30AM, 6:45AM and 4:15PM, as well as a 9-10:30am Open Gym on Sundays. We are also moving the Team WOD on Saturdays to 9am as well. We’ll be doing a trial run with these additions/changes so please show up and let’s keep the new classes on the schedule! Also, we are discussing bringing the OLY club/class back on Wednesday Nights at 6:30-8PM while simultaneously have the gym open for Climbers, or easy Row/Recovery work if you’d like. We’re planning to make these additions starting November 1st.

As far as the programming is concerned, we are going to start something new that will allow you guys to make better choices of classes to attend based on your goals. This is what the plan looks like…

Mon-Wed-Fri classes will be defined as ‘Classic Crossfit’. Generally shorter duration, higher intensity (power output) workouts with elements of lifting (barbell) and general movements that have become a mainstay of CFHQ programming. These classes may have 2 WOD components as in Strength & Conditioning segments and more complex movements will be utilized. There will be NO team elements on these days and most classes will have 2 coaches on the floor. 

Tue-Thur-Sat may be a bit longer in workout duration with an emphasis on cardiovascular and odd object strength work (KB, Sandbags, simpler but NO less effective movements).  These classes generally will have 1 WOD component and there may (but not always) be a team or partner element. Also, we will make time for more in-depth stretching as the cool down on these days. The classes will be lead by 1 coach.

Sunday will be 9-10:30AM open gym with a suggested “for quality” WOD that folks can customize to their specific weakness or they can do whatever they want…recovery, make something up etc..

For Example:
30 Mins for quality of

x Reps of a weightlifting weakness
x Reps of a gymnastic weakness
x Reps of a conditioning weakness


30 Min Ladder 1,2,3,4 etc for quality of
a weightlifting weakness
a gymnastic weakness
a conditioning weakness

Anyway, these are the big changes that will go into effect November 1st. We feel that this will give you guys the most power to align your training at CF with your goals outside of the gym and make it easier for us to suggest what days will work best based on those goals. The workout/website format will stay the same where the WOD will be posted for the following day in most cases.

Thanks again for the feedback folks, we are pretty pumped on what we’ve got going on there at 18 Sargent Street and appreciate you all taking the time to help make it even better. If you are interested in reading on, we recapped most of the questions and highlighted what the majority was saying.  See you all in the gym soon and if you have any questions or concerns please let us know! J & K

Q1. Rate overall experience @CFCA
64% said 5 stars
34% said 4 stars
2% said 3 stars

Q2. Explanation of overall experience
Very positive, thanks for the kind words! Generally, you guys said… great supportive community, fun atmosphere, approachable coaches, fun outside the box workouts, and great social aspects of meeting new people.

Q3. Favorite things about CFCA
Coaches, Community and Programming seem to be the big trends here. Not much more to say other than we have a great crop of folks and ego is lacking at CFCA… let’s keep it that way!

Q4.Least Favorite things about CFCA
The general themes here were not enough classes on the schedule, and that sometimes it feels cliquey and intimidating to new members. Other things include dislike of partner workouts, not enough barbell movements, equipment shortage, lack of cleaning of specific equipment like KB’s, Med Balls, Barbells.  PS. If you bleed on a bar… please clean it up immediately!

Q5. Experience with coaching staff.
62% said 5
32% said 4
6% said 3

Q6. Explanations of Q5 – Q7. Additional Feedback? Are we accessible, professional, comfortable with us? Likes/dislikes?
In general positive feedback on the coaches. Each one has a different personality and coaching style. Here are a few things/quotes that stuck out in terms of improvement.

“Jon & Karen should be examples for the entire Crossfit Community: Coaching to help people grow NOT drill instructor/football coach yell at you types”… I think this is huge. You guys are adults and therefore require mature coaching that is directed to you personally. This is our general goal for all coaches at CFCA… to know and understand each members specific needs/goals and coach them appropriately as much as is possible.  Also, to keep the vibe fun and keep folks engaged with enthusiasm in what they are doing.

Some members feel that the “newbies” get all the attention and likewise some feel that the “elite athletes” get all the attention. So more equally spread attention to all members is something we coaches will all strive for.

Also some folks feel that some coaches are too quiet, too slack on explanations, would rather talk with friends rather than actually coach,  are not flexible enough with peoples specific needs…etc.

We have some new coaches coming up as Meg, Heather and in some cases Karen have transitioned out due to pregnancy. Please be patient as our new coaches develop. It takes time to get comfortable in front of a class… but you kind of have to be in front of that class leading to get comfortable… that is the best way in our opinion.

Improvements need to be made for better clock management.  Start class on time, leave time for and encourage the cooldown, etc. That is definitely a fault of mine (Jon) from a programming perspective. I tend to try to pack more into 1 hr than is possible. Will discuss changes that will help with this.

Q8. Feedback/tips from coaches during class.
51% said just the right amount
41% said more feedback please
8% said other

Again, in general coaches will strive to give more constructive feedback… encouraging to add weight when needed  – giving parameters to shoot for in the case of row/ski WODs, and not just “yelling Go! Go! Go!”.

Q10. Do you like the overall atmosphere during class at CFCA?
82% said yes
16% said sometimes
2% said other

Q11. Details from Q10 if they answered sometimes or other.
This quote stood out….”Some cliques forming and folks who won’t work with you if your not on their level”.  Please don’t be that guy or gal… be open to working with folks who are at any level. Isn’t that the true spirit of CF in general? Sure we could have “advanced only” classes as some gyms do but that’s just an express route to creating deeper problems of superiority in our opinion. Remember that old gym rule that’s been in place since we started… introduce yourself to folks you don’t know, especially the newbies. Please be respectful and willing to work with others who may not be on “your level” because you were that new guy/gal at some point too. Keep it in perspective, this is exercise. If you need some way to push yourself harder in the team setting, we can suggest ways to help you do just that.

Q12. How would you rate the CFCA facility?
58% said 5 Stars
34% said 4 Stars
8% said 3 Stars

Q13. Details from Q12.
Lot’s of positive feedback on the space. We really pride ourselves on making CFCA very unique from other CF gyms and just gyms period. We always go for the clubhouse vibe with branding and try to put interesting touches on all aspects of the gym. We currently clean 2x a week on Thursday AM and Sunday PM which seems to be sufficient. One of those days we use the floor scrubber, but that will likely change to both days in winter. If you have not been to other CF gyms we would highly encourage every member to drop in on a class and see how the facility compares to CFCA.

Q14. Equipment Feedback
Lots of folks missing the Airdynes. No promises but we may eventually get a few Air Assault bikes when finances allow. The reason for ditching the AD’s we had were that they were breaking too often and requiring constant maintenance…. that combined with differing computers and calorie calculations made them tough to trust the actual data they were giving out. Other negatives were that they take up lots of space and the seat height issues make them limited for sprint applications with partners of differing heights.

We do plan on getting more 10/15lb bumpers, 5lb & 2.5lb metal plates and a few more 15# bars. Also, likely a few more 100# sandbags and an overhaul of the current sandbags to 50, 75 & 100lbs. We did just get four 62# KB’s.

Some folks asked about GHD’s. We will likely re-install the “ghetto GHD” sometime soon. Proper GHD’s are really expensive ($1000 each) with limited application to class because they take up so much space. We had one a while back and it never really got used so we got rid of it. If you want to work on your core, work on your diet first for definition then do more heavy sandbag drags, strict ring dips, heavy single KB Presses, L-pullups, rack carries, and heavy sandbag get-ups. That will keep you busy!

Q15. Music Feedback
People seem to be happier with the variety the new iPad has given us. Remember, if you are not happy with the music please send up playlists either directly to our spotify account (Crossfit Cape Ann) or just message us a track list and we will find them in Spotify and add them to the master list. We rely on you to do this, so please do!

Q17. Open Gym Time
61% said Sunday Morning works best so that is what we are planning to add. We will add an open gym from 9am to 10:30AM. In addition, we will likely suggest a WOD for those directionless folks that tend to spend the time just wandering around.

Q19. Schedule Additions
Thurs early AM seems to be the most sought after time (See below for schedule changes)

Q20. Accountability Sessions.
34% said ‘Very likely’
37% said ‘I might’

These sessions would be a way for Karen and I to check in with members more regularly. It has been a struggle with addition of Maz to keep track of all 150 of you and some have likely slipped through the cracks as a result. This would be a step in the right direction to keep tabs on where you’re at, what your current goals are, and just give you a boost of accountability if you need it. Stay tuned for more info on how these will be set up in the future. They will likely start in the new year.

Q21. Programming
This was all over the map with no clear preferences other than that people want to do more mobility/stretching. From some of the commentary though it seems like there are 2 camps… those that love partner/team WODs and those that hate them. Also, seems like folks are missing “classic Crossfit WODs” … defined as mixed modal workouts (mixing weightlifting with gymnastics and a conditioning element) in a rounds for time setting.

Q22. Merch Ideas
Lots of differing suggestions here. Things we are thinking about are beanie caps, fight shorts, track suits (kidding or am I??)… We definitely like the idea of a “if you ain’t bailin, you ain’t whalin” tee. We also have some new stickers coming and some re-branding ideas that will likely add to additional merch purchases in the future. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Q23. 4 Year Party
Onto super important stuff here… where & when is the 4 Year party going to be. We had votes all over the map, but also some great other suggestions so we’re in the process of nailing down the location but the date will be Saturday, November 8th so stay tuned!

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