Saturday Recap

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 11.29.40 AM
Lauren, Kara & Todd anticipating…

Played a healthy game of dodgeball at team today which was great. We were pretty free form with the penalties today but usually 10 reps of a weakness, 2 lengths sandbag drag or a 10 cal row sprint.

*The case for dodgeball is simple… it’s a great way to get volume of a weakness without really thinking about it. We normally play two 15-20 minute halves.  When you get hit or someone catches your ball, your out to do the penalty. When you finish that penalty you are back in. I think some folks that haven’t played see it as sort of a wash, but really it is a hard WOD. You get hit a lot and it’s not uncommon to do 200+ hard reps. We DO have a rule that if you hit someone in the face, the thrower does 20 burpees. Other benefits to dodgeball include accuracy aka “throwing”, coordination aka “catching”, agility aka “dodging” and camaraderie. Getting wailed in the face might sting for a brief second but that’s about it. Karen did however come up with a consolation for those who wish to abstain and that is that they row for the duration of the game and have a surrogate player that when that player gets hit they both do weakness penalties.

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