Time Warp Tuesday

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 10.33.00 AM
Troy always makes great faces…for the camera

2 Flat Loops
JunkYard Dog

5 mins Double Under Practice : Max consecutive DU’s
Winters coming..learn this skill for when we’re shut in with snow.

Movement Review: Power Snatch
Then 6-1
PVC Dislocate (slow..not that unfocused whip around)
Hang Power Snatch (6 & 5) Power Snatch (4-1) with Bar.

WOD – OBJ: Mixed Modal Test

Power Snatch 115/ 80#
Burpees over the bar
400 Meter Run
RX: 115/ 80# PS
MOD as Needed but challenge yourself.

Compare to https://crossfitcapeann.com/2011/09/30/friday-30/

AMRAP 15 of
7  Overhead Squats or Sandbag Squats
7 Burpees
400 Meter Run

2 Flat Loops then Coach led Stretch off the the wall.

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