Been really interested in Rodney Mullen since I saw the Bones Brigade Documentary about a year ago. Rodney was a freestyle skater from the 80’s and pretty much single handily developed all the technical tricks that have become a part of modern day street skating. I found this video and just felt there was so much great perspective and parallels to what we discuss about challenging yourself,  getting out of your comfort zone, picking yourself back up if you fail, surrounding yourself with inspiring people and changing your understanding of what is possible. etc.  Good Stuff!


Yoga Flow


AMRAP 10 Mins  1 Arm Seated KB Strict Press
Alternate Arms as needed
*Please keep track of reps cause if you get over 50 Reps per side you will increase resistance for the next time we test this.


Deadhang Pull-up or Muscle-up “Nicole”
20 min Amrap
400M Run
Max Reps to Failure of either DH Pull-ups or Muscle-ups

Your score is total reps

MOD/ FDN: Modify pull-ups to a band that you can do 10-12 fresh

Shoulder Stretches off rig

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