Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 7.23.51 PM
Barbara inspires with her work ethic and consistency!

5 min Med Ball G2O Musical Chairs
5 Min Med Ball tosses….the usual on the min.

WOD – OBJ: Sprint

“Obstacle Course”
This one will be a bit simpler than in the past so we can have 4 people go at the same time.

150/100m Ski
Bear Crawl w/ obstacles
10 Wall Ball
1 Rope Climb
150/100m Row

*Please bring long Socks if you need them for rope climbs and your phone with a stopwatch is helpful. We will have 4 “tracks” set up so the goal is for each person to get 10 runs through with recovery between.  

1 Mile Run with timing partner

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