We scored this pretty sweet cubbie case from the dumpster at E. Glo Elementary.  Please use it for anything you need to store during class so that we can keep the coaches desk clear for intros and waivers. Thanks!

2 Flat Loops

WOD – OBJ: Keep Moving but Maintain Quality

For Completion

1 Sandbag Drag
200 M Run
3 Wall Walks
4  Burpee Pull-ups
5 KB Headcutter
6 Goblet Walking Lunge ( Per side)
7 Wall Balls
8 KB Swings
9 Box Jumps
10  Calorie Row or Ski

As you advance you must then repeat what you have previously done always back to 1 sandbag drag. For example…..It starts with 1 sandbag drag, then 2oom run & 1 sandbag drag, then 3 wall walks, 2oom run & 1 sandbag drag. The final round starts with the 10 Cal effort and works all the way back to finish with the 1 sandbag drag.  MOD elements so that they are challenging BUT can be done generally unbroken as you move from exercise to exercise. Hint Hint Wednesday we wrestle the Bear.

Foam Roll or Stretch for a solid 10 mins

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