Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.08.08 PM
DW crushed the row a few weeks back.

2 Flat Loops

Junk Yard Dog


7  Mins to Complete 1 Hill Loop then Amrap OH Squats
4 Mins off

6 mins to complete 1 Flat loop and in the remaining time do Amrap KB Swings3 Mins off
5 mins to do 400M Run then Amrap DH Pull-ups
2 Mins off
4 Mins to do a 200M Run then Amrap Push-ups
1 Min off
3 mins to complete 100M Run then Amrap Situps

RX: OHS @95/65# KB 70/53#
FDN: Goblet Squats for OHS

Hells “OH” Bells AKA Tabata KB Push Press… Must hold OH for rest…must do 6PP in the work portion.

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