Thank Rob Shaul at Strong Swift Durable for the Sandbag Drag. Very Functional/ Very Effective full body exercise!

Re-run of text from FB Group if you didn’t read it….In general we program these Quality days as an opportunity to develop skill, strength etc without the pressure of the clock. At times knowing the workout is “for time” will make people scale the load back so they aren’t finishing last. Intensity on for quality days is more defined as focus to push yourself to try the heavier weight or pick the harder variation of the movement that you may not be comfortable trying in a faster paced setting. This is why we often use the AHASP ….As Heavy/Hard as Safely Possible. These days should not be thought of as easy, they may not give you the same “worked” feeling but they are so important if you plan to make gains and utilize the heavier/harder variations in a faster setting on benchmark or testing days.


KB Deadlift
KB Swing
Goblet Squat
Goblet KB Push Press

2x  Yoga Flow

WOD – OBJ: Skill/ Strength Endurance

6 Min For Quality Reps AHASP- Cleans or Deadlifts 70% 1Rm
3 Mins Off
6 Min For Quality Reps- Straddle Rope Climbs 12ft or Standard Rope Climbs
3 Mins Off
6 Min For Quality Reps- Strict Handstand Push-ups, Wall Walks or FLR

*rest as needed to keep form in check….No Slop for speed!


2oo Calorie Row Relay- Teams of 3
Go till the power output drops off then switch

Jog the loop with Team

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