Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.56.10 PM
Dr. Mike on last weeks Stamina WOD

Tabata Coach Call Out
5 Min Free Stretch/Roll…Lats/Forearms perhaps

WOD – OBJ: Mental Toughness/ Stamina

Amrap 10 mins – Weighted DH Pull/Chin-up
Keep track of weight and Reps over the 10 mins


As a team of 3 complete a 6K Row (Carry, Row, Rest in that order)

Pacer = 3 Lap Carry
0-2k= OH Carry
2-4K= Rack Carry
4-6K= Farmer Carry

RX:  44/26# OH, 53/35# Rack, 70/53# Farmer
MOD & Foundation:  As heavy as safely possible

Forearm/Shoulder Stretches

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