Shenanigans…. thanks to everyone who came out on the cruise and huge thanks to Mike Mann and Crew for making it possible.

5 Min CV – Run, Row Ski, Jump

PVC Dislocate
PVC OH Lunge

Snatch Run through & 5 Mins to warm-up to a working weight

WOD / OBJ: Skill Development

17 min- Every Other Minute
Evens: Snatch Practice
Odds: Rest

*Treat Each lift as a single (no touch and go)…meaning set up and execute with control and quality. This is NOT Max Reps in 1 minute. During the rest minute…add a little weight. 5-10#

ADV: Squat Snatch
INT: Power Snatch to OHS
FDN: Hang Power Snatch or Russian Swing


Teams of 3-4 Ski Sprints
Descending ladder 15-5 Cals per player (equal opportunity)

2 Flat Loops with Team

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