Week of 6/16 – 6/22

Mark your calendar for Friday, August 8th – our annual summer CFCA boat cruise on the Lady Sea is in effect!

Monday 6/16


  • 8 min Dynamic
  • 5 mins Yoga Flow
  • Movement Prep and Weight Selection


25 Mins for Quality:
200 Meter OH Carry
Max Consecutive DH Pull-ups
200 Meter Rack Carry
Max Consecutive Overhead Squat
200 Meter Farmer Carry
Max Consecutive Push Press

Back to the top of the order when done with Push Press. Mod as needed.  Make the carries “respectable” please.

Advanced: # = Half Body Weight on Barbell Movements

Alternating Tabata: Hollow Hold & Superman Hold

Tuesday 6/17

8 mins Musical Ground to Overhead with MedBalls  & Small Sandbags – Burpee Penalty


20min AMRAP
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

MOD to Jumping or Banded Pullups
MOD to Box or Banded  Pushups

45/15 x 5 Sets Russian Triangles (www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV7BUzOrc8s)

Wednesday 6/18

Run the loop or Hill then
1-6 Alternate Reps with Partner
Goblet Squat
Ring Row

5 min Roll while Coach discusses movements in WOD, then 1 Round of Bear Complex with Bar only


Bear Complex – 25 mins to Max Load

1 Round = 7 Sets of the following:
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press (behind the neck)

*These should be touch & go – no resting or re-gripping at bottom of Power Clean.  You can rest with weight on the body. Score is Max Load completed unbroken  (7 sequential sets without bar put down)

25min AMRAP @ Light weight / Ascend Conservatively
5 Power Clean
5 Front Squat
5 Push Press
5 Back Squat

10 min Hell Track with Partner (alternate reps)

Thursday 6/19



10 Mins, Teams of 3:
P1: Max Rope Climbs or Rope Up/Downs
P2: Max Slamballs
Pacer: Tire Flip length of Gym.

5 Mins off (teams must complete 30 burpees as a team in this ‘rest period’)

10 Mins, Teams of 3:
P1: Max Wall Walks
P2: Max Cals Ski/Row
Pacer: 1 Length Heavy Gimme Gimme 150/100#

Rack Carry with Partner the flat loop. 

Friday 6/20

Hill or Flat Loop then 10mins Burpee BBall


‘Tabata This -n- That’ (8 x 20 sec work/10 sec rest 1 min rest between sets)
Row / Ski
Knees to Elbows
Goblet Squats

Advanced: With Active Rest
Pullups – ‘Rest’ with chin held over the bar
Ring Pushups – ‘Rest’ in a Plank Hold on Rings
Row/Ski – ‘Rest’ pace = 30+ secs to your Interval Pace
Toes to Bar – ‘Rest’ in a one / two legged L hold
Goblet Squats – ‘Rest’ in bottom of squat

‘Tabata This -n- That’ (8 x 20 sec work/10 sec rest 1 min rest between sets)
Air Squats

” Mini – Flight Simulator” AKA Unbroken Double Under Pyramid…
or 10 min Jumprope practice

Saturday 6/21

Teams of 4:
20mins for Max Reps as a team
Pacer 400m Row/Ski/Run
Max Rep Wallball
Max Rep Box Jumps
Max Rep KB Swings

Sunday 6/22

This should be your endurance day (1 of preferably 2 per week)… 60-90 minutes of OTG exercise. Run, Hike, Bike, Swim, Paddle, Row Dories etc.. what you do matters less than just getting out and breathing for an extended period of time.  For extra credit make it an intermittent effort….ie.. sprint the uphills, cruise the flats and walk the downhills in the case of running.

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