Week of 6/9 – 6/15

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Been thinking a lot about the old space. This seems to happen every time summer comes around. Looking forward to starting up the bike gang and sport nights so we can get outside of the gym as a community. Stay Tuned for more info….

Monday 6/09


  • 8 min Gimme Gimme Relay 1-2-3-1-2-3 etc..
  • Yoga Flow
  • Movement Review – Ring Dip  then work up to hard set for five.


5×5 Ring Dip  (Reps on the even minutes)


5 rounds for time of
20 1-Arm KB Swings (10R/10L)
10 Toes to Bar

Adv: 7 Rounds 70/44#
Foundational: toes to bar = leg lifts 15 min Cap


1000 meter row or ski…For time

Hell’s Bells


Tuesday 6/10


  • 8 min Med Ball Toss (3 burpees at the top of the min)
  • Tabata Partner Lat Stretch off Rig
  • Movement Review – Push Press Drills with PVC


Run to the hill loop
20 Push Press
Run to the hill loop
30 Push Press
Run the Hill loop
40 Push Press

can sub the loop for 800 meter row/ski.

ADV: Double Swing Clean Push Press @ 53/35# KB or Sandbag G2O (take the bait brother)

Max Slosh Pipe Hold


Wednesday 6/11


  • Extended Dynamic
  • Farmer Carry the Loop as heavy as possible with a partner


8 rounds for time:
10 Lateral Box Jumps
1o Wall Ball
10 Walking Lunges

Adv: Lunges w/sandbag Zercher Hold

6 x 30/30  Russian Swing/ Goblet Hold not touching your chest. (Heavy)


Thursday 6/12


  • 8 min Tabata Call Out
  • Power Snatch Review with PVC
  • Work up to a hard set of 5 Pull-ups


5×5 Pull-ups  (Reps on the even minutes)


10-1 Ladder
Burpee Pull-ups
Power Snatch
Bear crawl Sandbag drag 1 length in between Rounds

ADV: PS @ 1/2 Bodyweight
Foundational: Russian Swings

Overhead Carry the loop with a partner as heavy as possible


Friday 6/13


  • 5 Min KB Circuit 5 Swings 5 Goblet Squats 5 Deadlifts 5 Bent Rows 5 Push-ups
  • WOD Explanation  & Movement Review


“Crossfit Total”

1 Rep Max Back squat (find the ball!)
1 Rep Max STRICT Shoulder Press (No Bounce!)
1 Rep Max Deadlift (good form)

Your CF total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the back squat, the press, and the deadlift.   *Beyond this we would like to have you guys divide your total by your body weight to come up with a Pound for Pound Total..otherwise known as “the Real Deal”. You will have about 15-20mins per lift to work your way up to a 1 RM.


5k Row or Ski


Saturday 6/14

Coaches Choice…Rope Climbs likely.

Sunday 6/15

This should be your endurance day… 60-90 minutes of OTG exercise. Run, Brisk Walk, Bike, Swim, Paddle etc.. what you do matters less than just getting out and breathing for an extended period of time. Go for a trail run…sprint the uphills, coast the flats and walk the downhills.

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