Week of 5/05 – 5/11

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We are coming up on the best time of year around here. To Not explore/enjoy the natural beauty of Cape Ann is a crime after the winter we had. Get out there!

Max Effort Monday 5/05


20 mins to establish the most amount of weight that you can drag around the track in under 30 seconds. Each player must do 3 Wall Walks between all attempts with the sled.


10 min Squatless “Cindy”
5 Pullups
10 Push-ups
15 Sit-ups

Mod as needed to current capacity (1 band only)


1 mile run conversational cooldown (hill to flat) as soon as 1o mins is up.

OTG Homework
Hike from the EP Lighthouse to Brace Rock & Back…. Do it then stretch out.


Tuesday 5/06

WOD by Request

25 mins to 1 RM Turkish Get-up (Barbell)

Must be completed on both sides to count. Safety First = Use a spotter please!

Newbies Sets of 3-4 reps per side Ascending to heavier kettlebells


Which Coach has a Birthday today?   That’s a hint to what we are doing….
Newbies will throw in a 2nd telephone pole run at rep failure.
*15 min Cap


3 flat loop conversational cooldown (hill to flat) as soon as you complete WOD

Yoga Class @CFCA?


Wednesday 5/07


4 Rounds
1 Min Max Power Snatch 95/65# or  Foundational = Rus KB Swing
1 Min  Max Double Unders or NPU Burpees
1 min Rest


Ski or Row with Partner for total time:  (each member must do all 7 intervals)
400 M
300 M
200 M
100 M
200 M
300 M
400 M

*Carryover meters are yours to enjoy!

OTG Homework
Intermittent trail run perhaps?


Thursday 5/08


1 min on 1 min off x 10 mins Ring Plank Hold


“Burnhams Field Trip”

30 min Roll or Stretch


Friday 5/09


20 Mins for Quality & Skill Development – Alternate between
1. 5-10 Reps of Your Weightlifting Weakness – Ascend in # each round
2. Max Reps of Your Gymnastic Weakness (body weight only)

*Please think about these before coming to class…the world is your oyster.


With Partner
6 mins for Max Reps Slamballs…Pacer = 4 lengths Gimme Gimmes

3 mins off

6 mins for Max Rep KB Snatch/Swing….Pacer = 15  burpee box jump

40-60 min Casual Swim/Walk/ Row/ Bike/ Yoga


Saturday 5/10


Five rounds, each for time, of:
5  Power Clean
10 Front squat
5 Push Jerks
20 Pull-ups
Rest 90 seconds

RX= 135/95#
MOD = 95/65#

*In honor of U.S. Army First Sergeant Michael “Hammer” Bordelon, 37, of Morgan City, Louisiana,  who died on May 10, 2005, from injuries sustained when a car bomb exploded near him in Mosul, Iraq on April 23, 2005.


Sunday 5/11

Trail Run (Weather Pending)…Meet at CFCA 8AM

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