Week of 4/21 – 4/27

Some great goals on the board. Those of you that haven’t written them up…please do so. We have the thin white chalk and a step ladder if you need to go high. Lot’s of Blackburn Challenges up there which is good to see. Even Karen has it written up which I was surprised to see. If it’s your goal, plan on it cause i know who you are and there will be consequences of no follow through. It’s not that bad really…a scenic cruise with some excitement based on vessel choice.

Max Effort Monday 4/21


Grease the Groove
1-8 OH Squat with Barbell or PVC alternating with partner
PVC (bottom of squat if possible) dislocates while partner is doing OHS


12 Mins to 1RM OH Squat

Foundational Ascending sets of 7-10 reps


“Ski, Swing & Slam”
4 Min Ski for Cals
1 Min Off
4 Min Russian Swing for Max Reps 70/44#
1 Min Off
4 Min Slamball for Max Reps


6 x 30/30 Toes to Bar or Leg Throwdowns with partner

40-60 min Get outside and be active!

Tuesday 4/22


4 Rounds for time
Hill Loop
1 Rope Climb
400 M Farmer Carry 53/35#

3 Rounds

Yoga Class (CFCA will start next week) or 20 Min Stretch

Wednesday 4/23

WOD & Foundational

30  Mins for Max Cals – Teams of 3
1 Sled drag plus Sandbag
1 Row for Cals
1 Plank Hold

 X Plate burpee penalty for reps shy of winning team.

Thursday 4/24


20 mins- climb the ladder 1,2,3,4,5 etc…
Pistols (per side)
Strict Ring Dips or Strict HSPU
Strict Chin-ups

*No Bands allowed

Foundational MOD

20 mins- climb the ladder 1,2,3,4,5 etc…
Goblet Step ups (per side)
Ring Rows
200m run

Do not modify on the fly….set up what you are doing from the get go and stick to it. Challenge yourself!


With Partner alternate efforts “Biggy Helltrack”

1st Telephone Pole
2nd Telephone Pole
3rd Telephone Pole
End of Building (before Jog –architectural term)
400 M
End of Building
3rd Telephone Pole
2nd Telephone Pole
1st Telephone Pole

40-60 min Get outside and be active!

Friday 4/25

WOD & Foundational

“Obstacle Course” x  however many trips we can fit into 40 mins.
Please bring your phone with a stopwatch as we will be buddied up on this one. Bring your knee socks and not your Nike Free’s.

40-60 min Casual Swim/Walk/ Row/ Bike/ Yoga

Saturday 4/26

Coaches Choice…..

Sunday 4/27

8AM = Maybe a field trip or trail run….check the news board later in the week.
10 AM OLY Class = Oly Total

*We will switch over to the New Schedule the 4/28

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