April Member Profile

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Stephen Walker

Nickname: Bear

Occupation outside of being a Crossfit champ: Marketing Analyst/Project Manager

Hometown: Oak Beach, NY- south coast of Long Island (Fire Island)

Favorite workout:
I did Glen for the first time this year and as crazy/difficult as it was- I loved it. I enjoy workouts that stand for something- so any hero WOD.

Favorite Lift:
Clean and jerk- love the complexity (even though my form needs work) and strength needed to lift the heavy weights.

Which class do you usually attend?
I was a M, W, F 5:30a regular until we moved from Magnolia to Marblehead, but getting up at 4:30a was making me into the walking dead come late afternoon. Now, I go to which ever late afternoon class I can and Saturday team if I miss a weekday.

How did you find out about crossfit? A friend from Long Island told me about CF. I watched a few videos on Youtube and after 1 too many gut bounces driving down the road- I reached out to CFCA. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Did you play sports back in the day?
Or was it all smoking butts under the bleachers? Coming from a family of 7- all male- sports was a huge part of growing up. Being the 2nd youngest- all I wanted was to beat my older brothers (and did!). We played it all, but our main sport was lacrosse where I was a defenseman. What other sport do you get to legally chase and hit people with a 6 foot pole?!

How has Crossfit changed your life outside of the gym?
100%- strength and endurance. In a recent trip out west to snowboard- I was amazed how great I felt after a day of riding. We did 4 days and I only on the last day of hike to terrain did I begin to feel it in my legs.

What and/or who motivates/inspires you?
My wife and kids. Watching the kids absorb the world around as they grow- they make me want to be a better person for them. As for my wife- she works an insane schedule for a good portion of the year. How she finds time for work, home and kids amazes and inspires me. That said- as most husbands would agree- I do get the brunt of it from time to time! Ha!

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve with the gains made through Crossfit?
I’d like to lose more weight/fat. When I began I was pushing 260+ lbs- now I hover around the 225-230 lbs mark. There is no question that I’ve gotten better about my eating habits, but I can certainly improve my nutrition. Stupid ice cream and french fires are my downfall.

What are your hobbies outside of Crossfit?
Anything active, really. But- surfing and snowboarding are and always be something that I love/need to do when it’s on. To satisfy my competitive side- I play in a hoop league a couple times per week.

What’s your favorite aspect of CFCA?
Hands down – the coaching. Once you put your ego aside and LISTEN to the things they are saying- the workouts and results get that much better. With my competitive upbringing and I can do it all attitude- took me a while to learn that, but once I did (recently!)- I was amazed. Then there are the people of CFCA. I know everyone says that- but it’s the truth. Some pretty amazing individuals here that motivate even if they are not aware. Also- love that there are a few active and former Coasties in the mix. Cody was on the same ship as I was back in the early 90’s- USCG Cutter Seneca- WMEC-906 baby!!!

Any tips for the new members?
Consistency. Do whatever it takes to get in there and get active. It will translate to each and everything you do in and outside CF. Oh, and LISTEN TO THE COACHES. Not only are they there to motivate and keep you moving, but they also make sure you stay within your limits and not get injured.

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