Week of 4/14 – 4/20….Brah

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 2.23.43 PM
If your not afraid to get back on the machine…your not doing it right. Intervals should leave you only looking for a place to rest your head or sit down once you finish as you are very much in the moment and only concerned with the most immediate need. Here Travis and Raph went all in on the ski.

Max Effort Monday 4/14


12 Mins to 1RM Strict Press

Foundational Ascending sets of 7-10 reps


WallBall Tip Tutorial


“Wallball Nicole”

Amrap 20 Mins
400 M Run
Max Consecutive Rep Wallball until failure 20/14# 10 ft wood /9ft

Foundational & MOD  20+ Reps “fresh” rule

Compare to Oct 7th 2013.


3 flat loop cool down  or 10 min quad/ inner thigh roll-  Trust us don’t just get in the car!

40-60 min Get outside and be active! 70-ish degrees no seriously if you do this WOD plan to shake the legs out after…

Tuesday 4/15 Tax Day!

WOD & Foundational

KB  “Annie”
Russian Swings 53/35#
Double Unders or (NPU Burpee cut in Half)

10  min Cap 

5 min Recovery


4 Round for time
15 Pullups
15 Pushups
15 Situps

10 min Cap

Yoga Class or 20 Min Stretch

Wednesday 4/16


25 Mins for Quality

3 TGU (per side as heavy as possible to do 3 reps consecutive)
6 Weighted DH Pull-up (as heavy/hard as possible to do 6 reps consecutive)

Alternate between the two movements and rest liberally as needed.

Ascending with both movements


Hill to Flat Loop for Time:  This is our version of a  “Mile Time Trial”
If you can’t Run… 2k Row, Ski or 10 Min AD will suffice

40-60 min Get outside and be active!

Thursday 4/17

WOD & Foundational

We’ll See?

40-60 min Get outside and be active!

Friday 4/18

WOD & Foundational

6x Max Rep Double KB Front Squat 2 mins recovery between sets.
*Heavy even if you can’t swing clean them…have a buddy help you into rack position.

Amrap 12 Mins
200 M Run
Max Rep Muscle Ups

*Mod to 10 Burpee Pull-ups

Max Plank Hold

40-60 min Casual Swim/Walk/ Row/ Bike/ Yoga

Saturday 4/19

Burpee Dodgeball…..Please show up!

Sunday 4/20

8AM = Maybe a field trip or trail run….check the news board later in the week.
10 AM OLY Class = Oly Total

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