Raph taking on the challenge of the 44# KBs

5 Rounds
6 Wallball
7 KB Swings
8 Walking lunges (total)

5 min Foam Roll

Pt 1.
10 Min Partner Amrap Ladder Start @  10-11-12-13 etc.
Evens: Kettlebell Swing Clean Thruster
Odds: DH Pull-up

3-4 mins off

Pt 2.
10  Min Amrap ladder with Partner 1-2-3-1-2-3 laps
Farmer Carry as heavy as possible
* each do 1 lap then 2 then 3 then back to 1 etc.

3-4 mins off

10 Min Partner Ladder…
Row or Airdyne for Cals starting at 10-11-12-13 etc.

Notes: Looked hard. The Row/dyne put the finishing touches as the previous two were more strength endurance oriented. Thrusters with KB’s are great as they require a bit more focus and stabilization to do them efficiently….really anything for with KB’s for that matter.

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