Thursday’s Sessions

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 8.46.56 AM
Johnna finishing the Gimme Gimme AD combo.

Yoga Flow

Skill/ Strength Development -18 mins for Quality
2-3 Heavy Turkish Get Ups on 1 side (3 if your feeling solid)

2 Rope Climbs


Teams of 3-4 – Interval
Gimme Gimme down & back
10/6 Cals AD

*Teams had to accumulate between 200-300 Cals based on ability.


Notes: Great progression on the rope climbs by Harish, Justin and Keely. Remember these skill development days require a bit of self motivation. The goal is to have you progress to the next level through practice. If the elements are not challenging…your coasting and likely nothing is changing. There is no excuse not to have these elements be hard cause this is not for time. Got the Spanish wrap dialed…try the Russian…got that… try no feet….no problem….try a straddle rope climb..

6:45PM Grinder

4 x 30/30 Squat/ Squat Hold

Desending ladder weighted lunges 20-10

30 Seconds for Cals AD
1 min Rest


5 Rounds
8 Goblet Squats
2 length Sled drag@BW
200 M Row

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