Dan gets the medal of honor for a great effort at 8:30AM.

1-8 w/ Partner
KB swings

5 Min Foam Roll or Stretch

20 Mins…As many laps as possible.
P1: 1 Sled drag  around track w/ BW plus holding a sandbag in rack position 70/40#
P2: Amrap 10 push-ups, 10 Sit-ups till partner returns.

There were orange “parking spaces” for the sled that the team member had pull the sled into before switching with partner. As far as reps go the partners took over where the other left off. Sled drags were slow and grinding.

4-6 min 30/30 Burpee Pull-up/ Plank Hold

Notes: Looked like a legit grinder. The sandbag carry made the sled drag that much harder. As Ross put it…”I’ve never looked forward to push-ups so much!” 

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