Christian got the full dose of the AD last night.

5 min / 5 Rep Med Ball Toss

20 Min Ladder for Quality  (1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. )
Bar Muscle-Ups
Pistols per side

Foundational and MOD …. established where they were on the heirarchy

  • Bar MU > chest to Bar > Kip > DH > banded DH Pull-up
  • Pistol > Pistol w/plate to counter balance > pistol to box >  Pistol with assistance from pull-up rig > Box Step up


Teams of 4-5  Tabata Airdyne to 400 Cals
*15 min cap.

If cals are short of 400 on the AD then that many plate burpees to make up for it as a team.

Notes: Great efforts by the classes we saw. 20 Seconds all out on the AD is about all you can maintain on a 1/3 work to rest ratio. People were pushing for their team which was amazing to watch. I’m glad that 400Cals was attainable. The crazy part is that each team member really only did 3 mins of work total. Folks were hurting after that one.

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