Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 12.07.09 PM

10 min Run / Ride or Row
5 min Foam Roll

*Doh spaced on the burpee basketball!

2 Rounds – 2 mins on / 1min off

Slamball throws over the rig
Double Unders or no push-up burpees
Tire Flips + Jump Throughs
Row for Cals

Varying…. from helltrack to AD sprints for class rep deficit from the 2 rounds.

Notes: Good interval session. Looks like everyone got what they came for. Participants had to keep track of reps for both rounds..tally up the reps and note the difference between round 1 and 2. Then as a class tally those total number and if the were in the negative a penalty supplemental was given. Keep the supplemental unknown is working out great.

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