Week of Dec 9th -15th

Boot to bar, a first at CFCA. Eric embodies the willingness to work with what you’re given in true Spirit of CFCA form. “Defeat is not defeat unless accepted as a reality in your own mind.” -Bruce Lee, tha man

Monday 12/09

8 mins of Quality Reps:

5 Wall Squats (Count to 3 on the way down & Hold a 3 Count at bottom)
5 PVC Overhead Squats (3 Count on the way down, 3 count on the way up)
5 Inch Worm to Stretch
5 /10 Cals on AirDyne/ Strapless Row


ADV: 17 mins to work up to 1 Rep Max
Work up to a 5RM for Quality

“Vomit Comet”

Three rounds for time (15 min Cap)
20 Thruster @ 75/45# (with bars from now on… sandbags make a mess!)
15 KB Swing @ 53/35#
12 Pull-ups
8 Burpees

MOD= Modify as little as possible. This one is a burner and could give you some serious mental confidence.  You can do it!

Amrap 15 mins for Quality:

10 WallBalls
10 KB Swing
10 Pull-ups/Ring Rows
10 Burpees

*See End of Week. Choose your own adventure.

Tuesday 12/10

7 min Partner Med Ball Wallball Toss with 5 Burpees EMOM.

Then Mobility: Downward Dog/Calves, Pigeon, Spiderman, Childs

WOD & Foundational

3 rounds (1 min on/ 1 min hold /1 min rest):
Wall Walk/Wall Sit
1 min rest
Slam Ball/ Plank
1 min rest
KB Push Press / Slosh Pipe Hold
1 min rest


ADV: 10 mins to complete
Unbroken DU’s

INT: Not unbroken aka broken reps OK!

FDN: 10 mins DU Practice

*See End of Week. Choose your own adventure.

Wednesday 12/11

Tabata Clean Sequence with Bar  (Deadlift, Hang Shrugs, Shrug Pulls, Hang Cleans x 2)

ADV: Work up to 3 Rep Max
Foundational: Explore movement for Quality

WOD & Foundational

10 min AMRAP:
10 Deadlifts
30 Wallball

RX=225/115# & 20/14- 10/9ft

*See End of Week. Choose your own adventure.

Thursday 12/12

Hill Loop

5 min Foam Roll or Stretch

WOD & Foundational:
20 Minutes for Quality
3 Turkish-get Ups (with KB)
Max Consecutive DH Pullups/Ring Rows


15 mins for Cals -Teams of 3 -Row/Plank Relay
You dictate the interval length.

*See End of Week. Choose your own adventure.

Friday 12/13

Flat Loop

Basketball Lay-ups & Jump shots.
Penalty = 5/10 Cal Row/Dyne

Strict Press
ADV: Work up to 1 Rep Max
Foundational: Work up to 5 RM for Quality

WOD & Foundational
12 Minutes of:
1 minute Double KB Clean+ Press
1 minute Double Unders
1 min Rest

*Foundation: MOD to Single KB Clean & Press or Swing, and Single Unders

*See End of Week. Choose your own adventure.

Saturday 12/14



Sunday 12/15

Possible “Field Trip” 8:30am  – Will post in FB to confirm.

Supplementals For the Week

Choice #1: 5 Min Stretch/ Roll
Choice #2: Pullup/MU Practice. Choose a different one to try throughout the week.
DH-ers (*No Prereq)…
Option 1: Accumulate 25 Difficult KB Rows or Ring Rows.
Option2: 10 PU Negatives (3+second count) Rest at least 30 seconds between attempts.
Option 3: Work up to 3RM Banded Pull-up then 3 sets to max with that band.
Option 4: 3 Sets of 5 Jumping Pullups (Rest 90 secs between attempts) … Make them difficult!

Kip-ers (*Prereq =Must be able to do 5 DH Pullup)…
Option 1: 5 Min Position Practice. Hollow to Arch with 2 Sec Holds in each position before transition.
Option 2. 5 Min Beat Swing Practice. Hands free at ‘weightless point’.
Option 2: 5 Min Push Away practice. 2 Swings to Pullup, 1 sec hold at top, then push away from bar.
Option 3: 5 Sets of Max Rep Kipping Pullups.

MU-ers (*Prereq=Must be able to do 5 Chest to Bar PUs & Ring Dips)…
Option 1: 3 Sets of: 5 Hip to Ring Kips &  5 Ring Dips.
Option 2: GHD Situps. 5 Sets 5 Reps. Work on Speed of the hip close snap.
Option 3:  6-10 sets. Alternate heavy weighted single DH Pullup &  Chest to Bar Pullup.
Option 4: Accumulate 20 MU. As many consecutive as possible. Strict, Kipping, or Bar. Work your weakness.

Outside the gym activities for this week

  • 2 x 1 hr EASY jog, spin, swim or row
  • Accumulate 100 Burpees over the course of your entire day. Or 100 Squats, or 100 Pushups… etc.
  • Take a Backshore dog walk / run

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