Week of Dec 2nd – 8th

Some interesting thoughts in there on the pursuit of happiness from a 13 year old. Reminds me of a paper I wrote for a college eduction class on constructivism after my ski coach gave me a book by John Dewey.  Letting my passions/ interests guide me has always been a big part of my education in and out of school… But also the notion that it’s OK to let things go and go explore new areas as well.

*We threw in some supplementals this week that are geared toward the DH Pull-up, Kip & Muscle-up. Here are the prerequisites for each movement.

  • Bodyweight DH Pull/ Chin-up = Nada
  • Kipping Pull-up = 5 BW DH Pull-ups
  • Muscle -up = Chest to Bar Kipping Pull-ups & BW Ring Dips

Until you have met the prerequisite you are not allowed to move on to the next movement…as that would be a waste of time. Some of the supplementals will be geared toward strength while others are geared toward skill. If you do self diagnosis of your limiting factor (strength, skill etc) you may put more emphasis in one area vs. another. Next week we may have a list of 3 supplementals for each of the 3 movements and folks pick based on what would be most beneficial to them.  Remember to rest too….Building strength requires rest.

Monday 12/02

6 Min Dynamic

4 mins OH Mobility Stretches

Strict Press

ADV: Work up to 5 Rep Max then 2 x 3 @ 5RM
Work up to 5RM for Quality


Russian KB Swings
Pull ups

12 mins for Quality

12 Russian KB Swings
12 Pull ups/Ring Rows
12 Cals AD or Row

DH-ers = 4 x 30/30 Plank Rest
Kip-ers= 4 x 30/30 Hollow/Superman Hold
MU-ers= x 10 GHD Sit-ups

Tuesday 12/03

Junk Yard Dog

WOD & Foundational
20 min Bar/KB Complex for Quality

*start with 1 rep of each and add an additional rep each round.

Hang Clean or Swing Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Stationary Lunges per side

200 m run/row or .3 mile AD between each round

RX= 50/40%BW

DH-ers= Establish a 1RM banded pull-up then 6 single reps/2 mins rest

Kip-ers= 5 mins Beat swing practice- hollow to arch
MU-ers= 5 x 3 Banded Ring Transitions with full dip. Red band

Wednesday 12/04

1-6 with partner
Goblet Squat
KB Swing

then Stretch

ADV: Work up to 3 Rep Max then 3 x 2 @ 3RM
Foundational: Work up to 5RM for Quality


2 Rounds  with partner
20/15 Cals Dyne/ Goblet hold

1 min off

2 Rounds  with partner
20/15 Cals Row /Goblet hold

1 min off

2 Rounds  with partner
Gimme Gimme / Goblet hold

ADV: 70/44# Goblet
FDN: Coach Approved#

Work up to 3RM Banded Pull-up then 3 sets to max with that band
Kip-ers= Beat Swings to pull,  Focus on tight body position, feet together, tall bar
MU-ers= Work up to 3RM Weighted Pull-up then 3 sets to max 2 mins rest

Throwback Thursday 12/05

6 Min/ 6 Reps Partner Med ball Toss

  • Overhead
  • Wallball
  • Underhand
  • Side

Skill Development / Challenge
Foundational: Handstand Hold
ADV: Max Strict Handstand Push-up or Hold

WOD & Foundational:
20 Minute Amrap of
7  Pullups
7 Pushups
7 Air Squats


20 Minute for Quality
7 Pullups/ Ring Rows
7 Pushups
7 Air Squats

DH-ers= 10 negative reps (3+ second count) Rest 1 minute between use bands if needed
Kip-ers= Practice mini kip (chin not over the bar)
MU-ers= False Grip ring pull-ups 15-20 reps. Get comfortable with it.

Friday 12/06

Burpee Basketball

Back Squat
ADV: Work up to 5 Rep Max then 2 x 3 @ 5RM
Foundational: Work up to 5RM for Quality

WOD & Foundational
Wheel of Pain x 3

If you missed one from the week make it up.

Saturday 12/07

Just show up!

Sunday 12/08

“Field Trip”  – Meet at the gym @ 8:30 activity TBD

Outside the gym activities for this week

  • 2 x 1 hr EASY jog, spin, swim or row
  • 1 x yoga
  • Try something New!

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