Week of Nov 18th – 24th

We have spent some time over the past week looking over the workouts from the past 3 years of CFCA.  It has been really eye opening to see how we have evolved over that time….in most ways for the better but maybe in some ways we need to look back to those old days. I am struck by how simple the workouts are in layout, how much 1RM lifting we did and the sheer volume of running, wallballs, and pull-ups is staggering.  We are excited to pull some of the workouts we did in the early days of CFCA and re-run them one day per week as a “throwback”.  All in all it was great to look back and reminisce on the old space.

Monday 11/18

5 min CV effort (row, run, ride or jumprope)

then with partner

1-6 alternating
Goblet Squat with pause at bottom
Perfect Push-up
OH Squat with PVC

15 mins to 1 RM Perfect Overhead Squat
10 w/bar -7-5-3-3-2-2-1-1+

Use rest time between sets to take advantage of Mobility

    • Overhead Banded
    • Calf
    • Spiderman/Pigeon
    • Heavy Squat Hold


For time:

OHS @50% 1RM

For Quality: 10 min Cap.

8-1 OHS or Goblet Squat (coach assigned #)
1-8 Pull-ups

10 min Helltrack with Partner

Tuesday 11/19

5 min CV effort (row, run, ride or jumprope)


Partner up and work up to 5 RM touch and go Deadlift

WOD & Foundational

2K Row or 10 Min AD

10 min Stretch Session with coach

Wednesday 11/20

10 min TGU

2 reps on the minute

10 Rounds

10 Russian KB Swings 70/53#
50 Double Unders or 20 NPU burpees
1 min rest between rounds

Amrap 20 mins

10 Russian KB Swings
50 Single Unders
1 min rest between rounds

Stretch with Coaches then 10 mins to work on skills

Thursday 11/21

Hill Loop x 2

Skill Development
Rope Climbs
Beg- 10 min Practice of Spanish and Russian

Adv – Alternate with a partner or two for 10 mins (legless, L, straddle)

WOD & Foundational:
10 min Amrap

Overhead Hold to Rack Hold as heavy as possible
Penalty for Dropping 10KB Push-ups & 10 Goblet Lunges

Wheel of Pain x 2

Friday 11/22

Burpee Basketball


Hang Clean Review

EMOTM for 10 Mins

3 Hang Cleans at 80/70% BW
Ascending Rep Muscle-ups (Ring or Bar) 1-2-3-4 etc

*If you fail on the MU start back at 1.

MOD & Foundational
EMOTM for 10 Mins
DL or Hang Cleans
Ascending Rep of 1 of the following

  • DH Pull-ups (bands ok)
  • Kipping Pull-ups
  • Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Amrap 10 mins

10 Toes to bar
20 Wall ball

MOD Movement Hierarchy
T2B > Knees to pits > leg lifts
if you are unable to do T2B which MOD will keep you moving the fastest?

Amrap 10 mins

15 Sit-ups
15 Wall ball

Stretch with Coaches

Saturday 11/23

The Unknown & Unknowable

Sunday 11/24

“Field Trip”  – Meet at the gym @ 8:30 and we will be back by 10am.

Outside the gym activities for this week

  • 2 x easy jog, spin, swim or row
  • walk the dogs
  • 1 x yoga

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