Week of Nov 4th -10th

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.56.38 AM
Aftermath of the “Obstacle Course” proving it exceeded the desired effect!

We are looking forward to “Buddy Week” and seeing some new faces at the gym. Please extend a warm CFCA welcome to all the folks who drop in this week.  Remember that rule about introducing yourself?  Also, please have extra patience as some of these movements will be new to our visitors and may require extra time to go over.  Help your buddies with the basics (heels down, hips back, chest up) and things will flow that much smoother. See you at CFCA!

CFCA Warm-up for the week is

Flat Loop
6 min Med Ball Toss with Partner (6 rep rotation)
Side ( R & L)

Monday 11/4

Specific Warm-up
Set up for WOD

17 min AMRAP
10 Push Press (115/85#)
10 KB Swings (70/53#)
10 Box Jumps (24/20#)

17 min AMRAP

10 “No Squat Wallball”
10 KB Swings
10 Box Jumps & step downs

**Can do as a solo effort or with a buddy alternating 1 min intervals.

1 min “coaches pick” (OH Squat, OH, Rack)  Sloshpipe hold w/ penalty

Tuesday 11/5

Specific Warm-up
8 min Ring Row Ladder (1-4)

WOD & Foundational
6 min Gimme Gimme Ascending Reps with Partner

2 min Rest
6 min Toes to Bar / Situps Ascending Reps with Partner
3 min Rest
6 min Burpee Hell Track with Partner


Wednesday 11/6

Specific Warm Up
4 x 30/30 Push Press/Hold
*Buddies No Squat Wallball / OH Hold.

WOD & Foundational

2 Rounds (90 sec Work 30 sec transition)
*can be done as individual or partner effort

Tire Flips (solo, alternating or together)
Bear Crawl (1 length if partnered)
Sit-ups (solo or partner style)
Wallballs (solo or partner style)

“Blindfolded” Max Plank Hold – or accumulate as much time in 5 mins

*With Penalty
First person to Drop = 30 Burpees
Second person to Drop = 20 Burpees
Third person to Drop – 10 Burpees

Thursday 11/7

Specific Warm Up
Set up for WOD

Partner WOD & Foundational
Max Reps in 4 mins:
DH Pull-Ups / Ring Rows (Pacer = OH Carry 2 Laps)
OH Lunges (Pacer = Rack Hold 2 Laps)
KB Pushups (Pacer = Farmer Carry 2 Laps)


Partner Leg Throwdowns 6 x 1 min on 1 min off

Friday 11/8

Specific Warm-up
Set -up for WOD

WOD & Foundational

2 rounds with Partner
Partner 1: 250m Row
Partner 2: Goblet Hold

8 min Cap*

then Starting at 8:00 mins

2 rounds with Partner
Partner 1: Gimme Gimme 6 Lengths
Partner 2: Goblet Hold

8 min Cap*

then starting at 16:00 mins

2 rounds with Partner
Partner 1: 0.3 Miles Airdyne
Partner 2: Goblet hold

*RX Goblet is 72/44# Kettlebell may not hit the floor until work is complete.

Flat Loop with a friend

Saturday 11/9


Sunday 11/10

“Field Trip”  – Meet at the gym @ 8:30 and we will be back by 10am.

Outside the gym activities for this week

  • Rock hike on the coast
  • Carry some shit in the woods with us “don’t knock it till you try it”
  • Dog Walk

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