Week of Oct 21-27th

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 2.11.26 PM
Eric & Alberto going “All Out” and getting support from their team mates! 

Remember the 3 year Anniversary Party will be on Saturday night upstairs at the Rhumbline. Should be a great time. More details here….https://www.facebook.com/events/220181974814748/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming  Also if you have a hour to spare, we listened to great podcast on the Paleo Hacks website interviewing the RawBrahs…. http://blog.paleohacks.com/raw-brahs/   Great perspective on life and the reminder to “embrace your embarrassing vulnerability”.  Life is a constant experiment that is dynamic in nature. What works for you now may not in 6 months or so and that is OK.  Case an point…My diet and training as of late have been somewhat haphazard.  Usually I put super high expectations on myself to eat only X (which never happens) and train Y times a week.  Those expectations are rarely met and the side effect of that tends to be self imposed stress through a bunch of “should haves” and general regret of letting myself down.  It’s kind of a vicious cycle of expecting too much, not be able to complete it as planned and being bummed out about it. When it’s time to re-hash and make a new “realistic” plan…it repeats all over again. I kind of had to sit down and have a little Pow Wow with myself and take an honest look at what I am doing? why am I doing it? and what I want for the future? The reality is that Karen is pregnant. For the next 6 months to infinity, our lives are going to change drastically.  I may be….or more realistically am going to be entering more of a “maintenance mode” when it comes to my personal fitness. From what I hear, my current sleeping habits are gonna be hampered quite a bit. I’m so excited to meet the baby. But, that excitement comes with an understanding that my priorities are going to have to shift and what were once high expectations are now loose guidelines. My training or activity outside the gym has already changed from a hard lined “this is what I must do” to more intuitive and opportunistic.  What do I feel like doing today? CFCA Class, climbing, carrying heavy shit in the woods, capacity work, weaknesses, recovery etc… I can tell you that that is a liberating feeling…letting go of all that shit that you “should” do and really putting the focus back on what you want to do. See you this week. 

CFCA Warm-up for the week is

Flat Loop or Hill Loop
Obstacle Track

Monday 10/21

Specific Warm-up
Setup for WOD

Partner WOD & Foundational
30 Mins for Awesomeness
P1: Sled Drag (pacer)

P2: Double Under or Burpees for Max Reps (1 burp= 5 DU’s)
P3: Rest
P4: Rest

4 x 30/30 Handstand/Plank Hold

Tuesday 10/22

Specific Warm-up
Setup for WOD


20min AMRAP
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

MOD to Jumping Pullups
MOD Pushups

Stretch with coaches
4 Sets of 10 Torture Twists with Partner or GHD

Wednesday 10/23

Specific Warm Up
Movement Review & WOD Set Up

150 Slamballs for time

Partner 1: Max Slamballs (coach assigned #)
Partner 2: 15/10 Calorie Row
Partner 3: Rest

*Rest 3 mins and set up for part 2

75 Double Swing Clean Push Press
Partner 1: Max Double Swing Clean Push Press (Coach assigned #)
Partner 2: 20/15 Cal AD
Partner 3: Rest

MOD to 1 KB if needed

Full Stretch with coaches

Thursday 10/24

Specific Warm Up

WOD & Foundational
Field Carry & Sprint @ Burnhams

Max Sit-ups in 2 mins

Friday 10/25

Specific Warm-up
Casual Tabata DL & Mobility

1 Rep Max Deadlift

Deadlift Volume Training

6 x 3 Increasing in #

Burpee Hell Track with Partner

Saturday 10/26

Dodgeball/ Weakness WOD.

Sunday 10/27

“Field Trip”  – Meet at the gym @ 8 and we will be back by 9:30am……should be a treat after the Party!

Outside the gym activities for this week

  • Trail Run/ Hike
  • 3 Min Plank Hold per Day
  • Yoga

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