Week of Oct 14-20

Max, Greg and Brian going for a walk. 

CFCA Warm-up for the week is

Flat Loop to Mini (or Full) Hill Loop
1-6 Alternating Reps with Partner
Double Swing Clean Push Press

Cooldown for the week is

Coach led Yoga Flow (15-20 sec holds of each) after WOD
•    Standing quad stretch
•    Standing arch
•    forward fold
•    Inchworm to Down dog calf stretch
•    High Plank to Up Dog
•    Childs Pose
•    Kneeling Wrist/forearm

*Start on the right then do left side from the bottom up

•    Pigeon
•    Spiderman
•    Sampson w/ twist
•    Squat (force elbows against knees)

Monday 10/14 

*Remember only 8:30am & 5:30pm class today

Specific Warm-up
WOD set-up


Columbus Day!
14 Rounds for time
9 Plate Burpees
2 Muscle-ups
MOD MU – 2 Weighted Pull-ups as hard/heavy as possible

Amrap Vet

9 Plate Burpees
2 DH Pull-ups (MOD hard)

Wheel of Pain

Tuesday 10/15

Specific Warm-up
Squat & Overhead Mobility


20 Mins for Quality
8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
Squat Snatches
200m Run between rounds. Each round add weight 10/5#’s
*Start at 50% of 1RM and treat each lift as a single effort

MOD & Foundational
Power Snatches or Hang Power Snatch

Accumulate 3 mins in a Ring Hold

Beginner: Static Ring Support
Intermediate: Tuck Hold
Advanced: L Hold

Wednesday 10/16

Specific Warm Up
Explanation of WOD

WOD & Foundational

8 min Amrap w/ partner
P1: Overhead Carry Track x 2 @44/26#
P2: Max Slamballs

2 Min rest

8 min Amrap
P1: Rack Carry Track x 2 @53/35#
P2: Max Box Jumps

2 Min rest

8 min Amrap
P1: Farmer Carry Track x 2 @72/53#
P2: Max WallBalls

3x Max Leg Throwdowns with partner (no commando style today guys!)

Thursday 10/17

Specific Warm Up
Ground to Overhead Demo w/ bar or KB’s (must tap floor)

WOD & Foundational

Ground to Overhead Accumulation RX= 65/50% BW

3 mins Max Reps
2 mins Rest
4 mins Max Reps
2 mins Rest
5 mins Max Reps

Ground to Overhead Sandbag:
3 mins Max Reps
2 mins Rest
4 mins Max Reps
2 mins Rest
5mins Max Reps

Hell Track “reps” for WOD penalty

Friday 10/18

Specific Warm-up
Volume Training. EMOM for 12 mins  3-5 Hard Reps

Upper Body Gymnastic Pull & Push (MU, Pullups & Dips, Ring Row & Pushups)

WOD & Foundational
Biathlon: 4 Rounds Alternating as team of 3

Choice 1: 10/15 KB Swings & Calorie Row
Choice 2: 10/ 15 Wallballs & Calorie Airydyne

20 Burpees or Stretch Routine

Saturday 10/19

Teams of 4-5
Pacer: Log carry 200m
Max Wall Walks
Partner weighted sit-ups

Sunday 10/20

“Field Trip” Again

Just show up at the gym@ 8 and we will be back by 9:30.

Outside the gym activities for this week

  • Run the Backshore
  • Walk in the apple orchard with child
  • 100 Turkish Get-ups with a soup can

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