Week of Oct 7-12

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How strong is strong enough?

We were lucky to have Dr. Sean Rockett join us this weekend to discuss common crossfit injuries and potential plans for prevention which ranged from the obvious of maintaining good mechanics to other mental factors of not having an ego, not taking on too much to soon and lastly not being stupid….plain and simple. It was also a chance for me to discuss some of the priorities that we have at CFCA that may be different from other gyms. I think likely the best attribute that Karen and I bring to the gym is perspective on life and the big picture. Crossfit has gotten so huge, so quick and it carries so much momentum that it’s easy to get wrapped up in the energy and just take everything at face value.  But, we want to learn from everyone including people that are not affiliated with CF (Mark Twight, Dan John, Greg Everett, OPT) and compile what we feel is the best information and training given our members current needs and then deliver that to you.

I mean Mark Twight had a great quote at the Gym Jones seminar when he said “there comes a point where you have to ask the question…how strong is strong enough?”  Funny how that is coming from one of the most respected trainers, because of the obvious implications that seem counter intuitive to everything CF stands for… Gotta get stronger, gotta squat more etc,etc…. why? For what?  I made the point at the injury seminar that even in my own training I am addressing these questions on a daily basis. For example, a few of us have been building a BMX bike track in the woods of Rockport. We call it Romeo’s cause it’s outline is that of a heart. To say I love it out there is an understatement. It feeds my need to ride my bike fast. It’s fun, inspiring and quiet. It’s a huge stress reliever for me….. even my dogs get exercise etc, etc. All very positive things. I’ve been trying to get out there 2-3 times a week but would fully go every day if my schedule and the weather allowed. 

Rewind two Mondays ago to that overhead squat, double under ladder. I jumped in on that with the late class cause I was curious how it would feel. To make a long story somewhat shorter, that thing crippled me for quite a few days and in the process negatively effected things that I love to do like ride the track. I mean I could still ride but not very fast and that took all the magic out of it for nearly a week. It forced me to confront the question…”wait, why did do that workout again?” Nothing against the workout…I mean fuck, I designed it. It was effective for it’s purpose, but did I really need it?

The point is perspective is hugely important.  What is a priority to me?… having fun basically riding intervals on my bike outside the gym on engaging terrain or hammering my legs on an arbitrary workout inside the gym. That need to get stronger, go harder is great but without clear understanding of what it’s for then it doesn’t mean much.  I guess in a way we all have to define our own personal fitness. What do you want to do?  But before that, you must address what you currently do in and out of the gym and how you are going to affect that?

I made a pact with myself that I wasn’t going to squat (the crossfit gods are going to kill me for this) and lift much and instead focus more on functional carries, climbing, and you guessed it…riding the track because quite simply that is where I’m currently inspired. Oh and 10 min Airdyne too. Would I like to get stronger?…sure who wouldn’t. But I feel like my lower body is plenty strong for what I’m currently asking of it. Sure my squats are average or less and my deadlift is reasonable for someone my size….but I PR’ed my 5k row on Friday with 16:59.9.  That is a whopping 26 second PR and apparently on Concept 2’s online rankings, good enough for third in the world for males 30-39. My legs are “strong enough” for where my priorities are and consequently what I deem as fitness.

In the end that is what led to the decision to give you guys the workouts ahead of time. We felt that that would allow you to better plan with any activities you enjoy, other sports you train for etc. Our philosophy is that training at CFCA is primarily for a better life and enhanced activity outside the gym so use it as such if that’s what’s important to you.  We always joke that we are the “hippy” crossfit, the outliers on the island that don’t play with the other kids. Our ideals are different. Do our athletes suffer as a result? We don’t think so.

I did also mention at the seminar the concept of cherry picking and how I felt that it really depends on the particular athlete. If you want to be a competitive crossfitter…don’t cherry pick. Understand your weaknesses and work on them A LOT. If CF is your only source of physical activity… don’t cherry pick because you need to be well rounded as a human being. If you are a newbie…you have some leeway. We always say workouts are infinitely scale-able which they are, however crossfit can be an intimidating atmosphere for a new member.  Having them come to a workout they are more comfortable with will be better at instilling confidence initially and that is more important to me then having them feel helpless and worse maybe hopeless from the get go. Likewise if you have a hard training day for a marathon tomorrow and the WOD is “Kelly” today…. were not gonna be like “Suck it up BRO!!!!!”    Anyway just food for thought. See you at CFCA.

CFCA Warm-up for the week is

Hill to Flat loop

With a Partner Ascending Ladder 1-6 of the following
Goblet Squat
Ring Row/ Pull-up

Cooldown for the week is

Coach led Yoga Flow (15-20 sec holds of each) after WOD
•    Standing quad stretch
•    Standing arch
•    forward fold
•    Inchworm to Down dog calf stretch
•    High Plank to Up Dog
•    Childs Pose
•    Kneeling Wrist/forearm

*Start on the right then do left side from the bottom up

•    Pigeon
•    Spiderman
•    Sampson w/ twist
•    Squat (force elbows against knees)

Monday 10/7

Specific Warm-up
Squat Mobility

Weighted Hold

WOD & Foundational

“Wallball Nicole”

Amrap 20 Mins
400 M Run
Max Consecutive Rep Wallball until failure 20/14# 10 ft wood /9ft

MOD to consecutive 20 Reps “fresh” rule

*compare to April 9th

10 Min Handstand Push-up Practice. Where are you at in this progression?

Wall walk or handstand hold > negatives > HSPU with mats ( 2, 1) > standard HSPU

Adv = Max Strict  HSPU Reps x 4 rest 2 mins between

Tuesday 10/8

Specific Warm-up

TGU Review  & 4 mins Practice


6 rounds for quality 25 min Cap…

3 TGU (per side as heavy as possible to do 3 reps consecutive)
3 Weighted DH Pull-up (as heavy/hard as possible to do 3 reps consecutive)

Alternate between the two movements and rest liberally as needed.

Ascending with both movements

10 Min Team of 3-4 Row relay for Max Cals 15/10

Good Rowers keep it over 2000/1600 cals/hr pace

Wednesday 10/9

Specific Warm Up

WOD & Foundational

Like taking candy from a baby…….with a few Rope Climbs so pack your Socks If you need them!

Cooldown Stretching

Thursday 10/10

Specific Warm Up


4 Round for total time.
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Situps

*2 min exact rest between each of 4 rounds

Amrap 18 mins
10 Pull ups
20 Push ups
30 Sit ups

*2 min exact rest between each of the rounds


1 min ALL OUT Airdyne

Friday 10/11

Movement Review

Front Squat Ladder

Start with 45/15#  Bar
Do 5 reps
Increase Load by 20/10#’s and repeat until you fail for five. Work your way down back to the bar.


10# increments only.

The flat loop x 2… OH> Rack > Farmer Carry as heavy as possible…in that succession. When you fail overhead, bring them to rack, then to farmer then rest then repeat.

Saturday 10/12

????? Dodgeball….the tournament will be here before you know it.

Sunday 10/13

“Field Trip” (Not a Run!)

Just show up at the gym@ 8 and we will be back by 9:30.

Outside the gym activities for this week

  • Long walks on the beach
  • Trail Run
  • Stack wood

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