Week of Sept 2-6th

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Lots of writing this week with the newsletter. Thanks for all the congrats on the pregnancy. We are really excited!

General Warm-up for the week is

1 mile run (3 flat loops)  10 min Dyne or 10 min row


Yoga Flow -15-20 sec holds of each
Standing quad stretch
Standing arch
forward fold
Inchworm to high plank wrist stretch (extend over wrist)
Down dog calf stretch
High plank to pigeon
Sampson w/ twist
Squat (force elbows against knees)

*Start on the right side and complete then go through on the left. We are trying to include more stretch and mobility work. Please learn this flow. We are making a video of this….not done yet.

Monday 9/2

Because of Labor Day we are running 1 workout today @9AM.


“Hotshots 19″ Six rounds for time of:
30 Squats
135/95# Power clean, 19 reps
7 Strict Pull-ups
Run 400 meters 

Notes:  This WOD is in honor of the Nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team who tragically lost their lives on June 30, 2013 while fighting the Yarnell fire. Please put your head down and give it your best effort!If you would like to donate money in support of the families, you can do that here https://hotshots19.crossfit.com/

5 rounds or 25 mins
30 Squats
19 sandbag cleans
7 Strict Pull-ups
Run 400 meters

Tuesday 9/3

Specific Warm-up
5 x Max KB Double swing clean push press

Rest 2 mins between


Descending/ Ascending Biathlon teams of 3

25-20-15-10-5 AirDyne Cals
5-10-15-20-25 Rower Cals

*(Ladies MOD starting  at 20 Cals)

Notes: these are back to back efforts.


MOD starting & finishing cals to 20
(20-15-10-5 / 5-10-15-20)

Yoga Flow

Wednesday 9/4

1 RM Back Squat

5-3-2-2-1-1-1 etc.

*Foundational Emphasis is to explore the movement rather than load


“Annie “
Double Unders

MOD DU: to Singles x 2

* 12 min Cut-off

Notes: Sprint! compare to Jan 23.

Foundational WOD
10min AMRAP
25 Single Jumprope
15 Situps

10 min Cap.

Yoga Flow

Thursday 9/5 

Specific Warm Up
2 lap Gimme Relay 6 mins

12 min AMRAP

10-9-8-7-6… 1 Etc.
Thruster @50/40% BW w/ bar or KB’s
Burpee Pull-ups
2nd telephone pole Run

Foundational WOD
12 Min AMRAP

7 Pushups
7 Jumping pull-ups
7 wallball
200m Run

Plate Burpee Penalty for how many shy of 0 you get to in the WOD. So if you make it through the 6’s. You’ll then do 5 Plate Burpees, 4, then 3, then 2, then 1. Then yoga flow.

Friday 9/6

Specific Warm up
Go over WOD

WOD & Foundational

Benchmark Surprise!


20 min Skill Work for Quality:
take 5 minutes to work up to 65% of 1RM or semi-heavy Clean & Jerk or Snatch
Then…..For 15 mins  2 “single” Reps every minute

Yoga Flow

Recovery Outside the Gym

Here are a couple things I dare you to do on the days you don’t make CF.

  • Try a new activity…. roller skate? biking? golf?
  • Hike from the Eastern Point lighthouse to Brace Rock and back.
  • Take your dog (or friend’s dog) for a trail run/hike.

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