Week of 8/26-9/1

General Warm-up for the week is

6 mins for Quality… pick 1 KB for all.
6 KB Deadlift
6 KB Bent Over Row
6 Rotations (R&L)
6 KB Swings (3 RUS/ 3 USA)
6 Goblet Squats
6 Goblet Lunges (side)
6  One Arm Swings or snatches (side)
6 Swing Clean Push Press  (side)

Monday 8/26 (Strength End)

Specific Warm Up
Banded Shoulder & Wrist Mobility

Pec Opener
Across Body

WOD & Foundational
Amrap 10 mins

Max consecutive DH Pull-up/chin-up
Bear crawl track

Notes: MOD to band that you can barely do 10 reps with “fresh”. Manage work/rest effectively cause once you fail its back on the track baby!

10 min or 20 total reps of Helltrack w Partner (alternate “reps”)

Day 26 of Weakness= 26 Reps

Tuesday 8/27 (Benchmark)


15 Mins to work up to 1RM Front Squat *

Notes: utilize Mobility exercises during rest periods. Where are you tight that affects this movement. Hip, hamstring, calf, quad, rack? *Foundational= Explore movement mechanics without emphasis on Load.

“Nasty Girls”
3 rounds for time of:

50 Air Squats
7 Muscle-ups
10 Hang power cleans 135/95#

Notes: 15 Min Cap. Move quickly where you can….squats & HPC.  Compare to April 26th.

HPC = Coach Approved #
1 MU =1 Pull-up & 1 Ring dip > 1 Burpee Pull-up (hard)

Amrap 10 mins

7 Air Squats
7 Burpee Pull-ups
7 Hang Cleans w/ sandbag

Lower Body Stretch (1 min per side)


Day 27 of Weakness= 27 Reps

Wednesday 8/28 (CV Power End)

Specific Warm Up/ Strength

Set up for WOD

WOD & Foundational
Hypothetical situation: You and three friends are winding down a lovely summer evening dinner and you collectively decide you should have some ice cream for dessert. Coincidentally, the host happens to have a fresh pint of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough….So you split the pint 4 ways giving everyone a measly 1/2 cup and a whopping 270 calorie serving.

Teams of 4 – 2 work/ 2 rest 1 min intervals on fight gone bad clock….. you must as a team of 4 complete the following

Part 1. 17 mins
270 Cals AD
270 No push-up Burpee

3 min intermission

Part 2. 17 mins
270 Slamballs
270 Cals Row

Notes: If you finish the requisite 270 you are done and any extra time is rest. This will be done on a rotational basis…meaning (AD, rest, NPU Burpee, rest)

5 min easy Spin, row or jog
Day 28 of Weakness= 28 Reps

Thursday 8/29  (Strength)

Specific Warm-up
6x 30/30 High Plank

5 mins Roll out thorasic spine and lats

WOD & Foundational

Work up to a 1RM Press, Push Press & Push Jerk, Split Jerk
If you fail…continue on to the next movement without removing #.

7 min 100 (3rd telephone) m run relay… Teams of 3.

Day 22 of Weakness = 22 Reps

Friday 8/30 (2-fer Benchmark)

Specific Warm Up
5 mins “free” stretch and roll


3 rounds for time

10 Deadlifts @ 115% BW
25 Box Jump 24/20 in
*10 min cap

10 min intermission from cap time

3 rounds for time

35 Wallball 20/14#
15 Pull-ups

*12 min cap

Notes: MOD to keep moving!……these are both sprints so treat them that way and don’t make elements so hard so that your heart rate is lowered resting. Strive to suffer for speed and you will attain the intended adaptation. 3 breath or less rest rule. 

10 min or 3 rounds
10 Deadlifts
25 Box jumps

10 min Rest

10 mins or 3 rounds
25 Wallball
10 Jumping pull-ups

Day 30 of Weakness= 30 Reps

Recovery Outside the Gym

Here are a couple things I dare you to do on the days you don’t make CF.

  • Ride your bike for 90 mins or around the Cape.
  • Go Swimming or tread water for 20 mins
  • Do 60-100 Turkish Get-ups

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