Week of 8/19-24

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Some inspiring quotes found on Instagram this week.

The case for intermittence….I found myself on Friday with 4 days worth of attendance to plug into the zen planner site. For those that haven’t done it, registering attendance is mind numbingly boring. I imagine it might be like being an accountant or book keeper around tax time.   I devised a plan that after I put in the attendance for 3 classes, I would vacuum one room of the house. I like to vacuum. It satisfies my OCD need to have everything in it’s right place. But, beyond that it breaks up the general monotony of just doing one task for a long period.  In the end I get two things done and likely with a higher rate of productivity and definitely enjoyment.

Same goes for training lately. I’ve been throwing in a bunch of intermittent weakness stuff here and there over the course of the day.  I may go over to pull-up rig and do a set to failure and just repeat this cycle randomly or on a set time. By the end of the day I’ve done 100 or so.  It becomes like a game and something you look forward to…..but at the same time, it seems like much less of an effort then say 10 sets of 10. I have found this to be really beneficial for me. Granted I have access to a gym at all times, but regardless I urge you to think about approaching things that you really have a hard time motivating for in that way. Break it up. Allow yourself to do more without getting bogged down.

Anyway, weather looks pretty amazing this week so get out there and enjoy everything this area has to offer. Again like last week we dare you to be active everyday. See you at CFCA.

General Warm-up for the week is

7 Mins Dynamic
7 Mins Foam Roll or Stretch

August has five weeks in it so we are throwing a little free mobility warm-up into the mix. Think about where your joint issues are and treat/stretch the musculature surrounding those areas.  We will resume with Burpee Basketball next week.

Monday 8/19 (Strength/ Power End)

Specific Warm Up/ Strength

6 x 5 Front Squats
Advanced= warm up to hard for 5 in the first 3 sets then 3 x 5 at that weight
Int= Ascending sets
Foundational= 5 Sets with 50% BW,  focus on rack and good mechanics


20 Wallball
15 pull-ups
Run to the first telephone pole

15 Wallball
10 Pull-ups
Run to the 2nd telephone pole

10 Wallball
5 Pull-ups
Run to the third telephone pole

15 Wallball
10 Pull-ups
Run to the 2nd telephone pole

20 Wallball
15 pull-ups
Run to the first telephone pole

Notes: RX= 20/14 >10/9ft…MOD to maintain constant movement and focus on quick transitions. There is no need to stop and grab water!

15 min Absolute Cap

Jumping Pull-ups (no bands)

Stretch with coaches

Wall Series

Day 19 of Weakness= 19 Reps

Tuesday 8/20 (Benchmark)

Specific Warm Up

Good Mornings with plate 45/25#
Perfect Push-ups
Ring Rows (hard)

5 mins to Warm up to DT #


Five rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 Push jerks

Notes: In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 when his vehicle was struck by an IED.
Compare to Feb 20th.  It goes without saying for every WOD but especially with this one….you need to use your brain and manage work/rest effectively. This # can get heavy and make sure you are set up well before you pick the bar back up.


MOD= Modify weight to something you can Jerk or Push Press safely… but it should be heavy.

Amrap 12…Modify weight to something you can  Push Press safely… but it should be heavy.

1 min AD for Cals or 500m Row
Not likely to be a PR….but try anyway.

Day 20 of Weakness= 20 Reps

Wednesday 8/21 (Power/Strength End)

Specific Warm Up/ Strength
EMOTM for 10 Mins

Evens: consecutive Deadhang Pull-ups (or chin-ups)
Odds: Handstand Hold or High Plank


Farmer Carry Track with penalty
*every time the bells or sandbags are dropped you owe 10 Push-ups and 10 bent over rows with the objects you are carrying.

4 min intermission

Rack Carry Track with penalty
*every time the bells or sandbags are dropped you owe 10 Swing Clean Push Press with the objects you are carrying.

Notes: Max laps wins!

Work with coaches to choose appropriate objects

Day 21 of Weakness= 21 Reps

Shoulder stretch set

Thursday 8/22  (PE Interval/ IWT)

Specific Warm Up
Set up

WOD & Foundational

3 Rounds
P1: 10 Goblet Squats & 300/200 M Row
P2: Rest

Rest 3 Mins

3 Rounds
P1: 10 Russian Swings & 30/20 Cals AirDyne
P2: Rest

Rest 3 Mins

P1: 10 Push Press w/ KB’s  & 30/20 Box Jumps
P2: Rest

Notes: Recover as much as is possible while your partner is working. Cardiovascular efforts should be paced for constant motion but still pushing hard. AKA when you finish your interval you should be unable to speak. Coaches will assign #.

Pistol Practice 30 total reps

ADV: Standard
INT: Rolling
FND: Assisted with rig or band

Day 22 of Weakness = 22 Reps

Friday 8/23 (Strength/ Capacity Test)

Specific Warm Up/ Strength

5 min Warm up to 65% of current 1RM
25-30 Clean & Jerks for Quality

*20 min cap…treat every rep as a single movement. If you don’t make the rep count that’s ok.

WOD & Foundational

5 mins for Max reps KB Snatch or Swings
3 min rest
5 mins for max reps Double Unders/ Singles
3 mins rest
5 Mins for Max reps Burpees (doh!)



Day 23 of Weakness= 23 Reps

Saturday 8/24

Dice Roll or field trip…… with sprinting Supplemental.

Day 24 of Weakness= 24 Reps

Recovery Outside the Gym

Here are a couple things I dare you to do on the days you don’t make CF.

  • Go for hour casual trail run or run the backshore
  • Go to a yoga class
  • Do 100 intermittent push-ups & squats over the course of the day

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