Week of 8/12-17


Kiwi, 11 Years old and going for a max broad jump.

Think about yourself as your own personal experiment when it comes to fitness.I was reminded of this after reading a great article in outside magazine.  The gist of which was that pretty much everyone responds differently to training and being intuitive is key.  For me, I feel like I need extra volume. I’m not sure why…maybe psychological, maybe because I like to eat more, maybe because I get bored without it. I tend to thrive with more and  It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s affecting me negatively. Yet!

That being said, I trained so much this past week that I nearly imploded yesterday and all I wanted to do was take a 2 hr. mid day nap despite the near perfect summer weather. Take a look at what I’ve been up to http://izzyhasaposse.wordpress.com/   Start to think about how you respond to exercise, what your goals are, if your consistency, volume, nutrition & intensity are paving the way to achieving those goals or leaving you merely treading water. How much is your fitness a priority in your life?  Is it more of a priority than beer and ice cream? These are good questions to be constantly asking yourself. We will be checking in with some of you this week so give it some thought.

General Warm-up for the week is

10 Minute Turkish Get-Ups (2 reps per minute rotating sides on the minute)

Monday 8/12 (PE Benchmark)

Specific Warm Up
1 Flat loop then WOD Movement Demo & set-up



7 rounds for time of
15 Kettlebell swings 53/35#
15 Power cleans 95/65#
15 Box jumps 24in

*In honor of U.S. Army Sergeant Jeremiah Wittman, 26, of Darby, Montana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, based out of Fort Carson, Colorado, was killed on February 13, 2010, when insurgents attacked his unit with a roadside bomb in Zhari province, Afghanistan.

compare to Feb 13th

mrap 20 mins

10 Kettlebell swings
10 Hang Power Clean (barbell or sandbag)
10 Box jumps

*may have to share equipment if not going RX

Wall Walks alternating with partner

1,2,3,2,1…..repeat cycle as many times in 5 mins

use HR Push-ups as Alternative

Day 12 of Weakness= 12 Reps

Tuesday 8/13 (Strength END)

Specific Warm Up
4 min Alternating Ascending Slam Ball

WOD & Foundational

12 mins  for Max reps
Run/Row the 200m
Pick 2 from the following

  • Muscle-ups (bar or ring)
  • Pull-ups (kips)
  • Toes to Bar
  • Ring Dips

You get one shot at each of the two exercises you pick per round. Once you fail, you are back out the door to run.
Foundational work with coaches to establish appropriate MODS.

4x 30/30 KB Overhead Squat/ Hold – Alternate Sides on the min
How good is your mobility really?

Day 13 of Weakness= 13 Reps

Wednesday 8/14 (Strength)

Specific Warm Up
6 x 30/ 30 Ring Support/ Tuck or L hold
Muscle-uppers use high rings

Back Squat Ladder
Start with roughly 50% of BW and do a set of five
Add 20/10 pounds per set all the way up to your 5 rep max
Work your way back down to the starting weight

Focus on form rather than load

8 min with partner

ascending ladder of Burpee high box jumps 30/24in

Day 14 of Weakness= 14 Reps

Thursday 8/15 (CV Interval)

Specific Warm Up



Hillbilly Hoedown


Day 15 of Weakness = 16 Reps

Open gym at 6pm.

Friday 8/16 (Grind/Mental)

Specific Warm Up
Set-up & Explanantion

WOD &Foundational
Accumulation Odd Object Circuit – Teams of 3.

  • Sleds/Planks/ G2O Sandbag
  • Heavy Gimmes/ Rack/ Slamballs
  • Goblet Lunges / Overhead hold/ Rope climbs


just chill “bro”

Day 16 of Weakness= 16 Reps

Open gym at 6pm.

Saturday 8/17

Old School CFCA or DB.

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