Week of 8/5-10

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Not to much writing this week…Can’t force that otherwise it will make something we love to do more of a chore and likely result in uninspired content. When there is something to say, we’ll say it.  We will be checking in with many of you this week to see how you are doing on your goals, nutrition and motivation. So just giving you a heads up in case you want to do some self reflection in advance.  Again thanks to everyone who filled out the survey. The information there is SOOOOO valuable in terms of where we take CFCA in the future.  The responses were really positive. It’s nice to know we are doing things right in the eyes of the members. Beyond that, recommendations for coaching, scheduling etc will be considered as well. Also thanks to those who sent playlists. Keep them coming! Anyway here are the WOD’s. Plan your week so you are active everyday..be it at CF or outside the gym. Giddy Up.

General Warm-up for the week is

Run (2 flat loops), Ride or Row 5 mins (15 second sprints at the top of every minute)

*mix it up over the course of the week. Rowers put extra emphasis on technique

Then partner up for  Junk Yard Dog

Monday 8/5 (Strength END)

Specific Warm Up
Work up to your heaviest set of roughly 6-8 Strict Press with KB’s

Some leniency here cause of the variation in weight of the KB’s.

WOD & Foundational
5 x Max Reps Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk cluster

Meaning you go till failure on the press then utilize the push press to failure and continue until you fail on the push jerks. Little hesitation in movements (dont rest in rack)
Rest as needed between each set

8 min Amrap

15 Goblet Squats 72/53#
200 meter Run or Row

Day 5 of Weakness= 5 Reps

Tuesday 8/6 (Strength END)

Specific Warm Up
1-6 Pull/ Chin-up Ladder with partner

RX= 3 rounds with a partner unassisted
MOD= 2 rounds with 1-2 Partners assisted (no bands)

WOD & Foundational

Burpee pull-ups
2 Lap Farmer carry (Heavy)

*MOD to burpees if “segmenting”.

Wheel of Pain x 1

Day 6 of Weakness= 6 Reps

Wednesday 8/7 (Power/ PWR END)

Specific Warm Up
PVC Movement review
20 mins open Snatch Practice
Start with the bar and work up to a 1RM for all three… the Hang, the Power and the Squat Snatch

Newbies work on Hang Power Snatches primarily with coaches help


75 Power Snatches for time 75/55#

compare to FEB 6th


75 Ground to Overhead sandbags for time.

6 Min Teams of 4 Sprint Relay in the street (3rd telephone pole & Back!)

Day 7 of Weakness= 7 Reps

Thursday 8/8 (CV PE)

Coors Light Caloric Content WOD.
How much of the 6 pack can you and a few partners burn off in 30 mins?

Day 8 of Weakness = 8 Reps

*Sport Night tonight… we’ll take a poll later this week for the activity. MOTIVATE!

Friday 8/9 (Strength/PWR END)

Specific Warm Up
12 mins  to Work up to a Heavy Deadlift

Partner Effort-18 mins
P1: Max Swing clean KB Thruster  50% BW ish

P2: Mini Reverse Hill Loop (up Trask…right on Forest and back down Millet)

Alternate efforts… runner is “pacer”

Score is Total Thruster reps


Day 9 of Weakness = 9 Reps

Saturday 8/10

Field WOD Weather Permitting

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