Week of 7/8-13


Rick gets the medal of honor this week for finishing all 50 muscle-ups in “Jason” He has/had a psychological hang up with muscle-ups after a few near misses. Some movements that we do in the gym have a high risk for injury and a few shaky reps can shake your confidence. You have to decide if the risk is worth it to you. After all, it is just training and getting hurt in the gym is a bummer if it takes you away from the things you train for that exist beyond our walls.  That being said please let us know ahead of time if you need injury modifications for any of the movements this week and we will email them over to you.

General Warm-up for the week is

Coach assigned

Run (1-2 flat loops) Ride or Row
5 mins (10 second sprints at the top of every minute)


Junk Yard Dog

Monday 7/8 (Strength Focus)

Specific Warm Up

Shoulder and Squat Mobility
Goblet Hold

WOD & Foundational

Overhead Squat Ladder

Start with just the bar 45/15#
Do 5 Reps
Guys add 20#/ Ladies 10#
Do 5 Reps
Guys add 20#/ Ladies 10#

*Etc till you fail for 5 reps…then work your way back down to just the bar.

20 min Cap. Please replace smaller weights with larger ones when you can so that we have enough to go around.


Jonestown-ish  Marathon
Push Press 75/55#  Use KB’s for more fun!
Burpee Pull-ups


Day 8 of Weakness= 8 Reps

* Can Modify out the pull-ups for just burpees for those “segmenting” the movement off a box.

Tuesday 7/9 (Strength Endurance Focus)

Specific Warm Up
Explanation and set up

WOD & Foundational

4 x 30/30 of the following 
Ring Dip/ Support
Heavy Russian KB Swing/ Goblet Hold (standing)
Bear crawl/Plank
Wallball/ Squat hold

*1 min off between


3 Round Partner Biathlon

30/20 Cals Airdyne & Row
30/20 Box Jumps & 200 m run

*Coach will assign who does what


Day 9 of Weakness= 9 Reps

Wednesday 7/10 (Benchmark Day)

Specific Warm Up

Just get to it!

WOD & Foundational

“Crossfit Total”

1 Rep Max Back squat (find the ball!)
1 Rep Max STRICT Shoulder Press (No Bounce!)
1 Rep Max Deadlift

Your CF total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the back squat, the press, and the deadlift. You will have about 15-20mins per lift to work your way up to a 1 RM.   The CrossFit Total reflects an athlete’s functional strength capacity more accurately than any other test. *Beyond this we would like to have you guys divide your total by your body weight to come up with a Pound for Pound Total..otherwise known as “the Real Deal”


5 min easy run, ride or row.  Day 10 of Weakness= 10 Reps

Thursday 7/11 (Strength Endurance Focus)

Specific Warm Up
Dynamic Drills

WOD & Foundational

Burnhams Field WOD with partners (weather pending)

6 Min Amrap
OH Carry Sprint with Partner
2 mins off
6 Min Amrap
Rack Carry Sprint with Partner
2 mins off
6 Min Amrap
Farmer Carry Sprint with Partner


Day 11 of Weakness= 11 Reps

Friday 7/12 (CV Power Endurance Focus)

Specific Warm Up

4x 30/3o burpee over the box jump/rest


5k Team Rowing race *In teams of 3-4 (coach assigned)

You can split up the intervals however you like (1 min, 250m etc). Rowing ceases when the first team hits 5000m. The other teams will be penalized the amount of meters shy they are of 5000. For each meter shy the team must do 1 push-up.


Day 12 of Weakness = 12 Reps

Saturday 7/13 (Power Endurance)

Wheel of Pain x 5or something even more fun….

Day 13 of Weakness= 13 Reps


The 4th is over. Lets get back on the train with consistency at CFCA, nutritional will power and maximizing outside of the gym activity.  Workouts look fun/hard this week. Do some self assessment (i.e where do you suck? ) and show up on the days most applicable to what you need. See you soon!

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