Because it Needs to be Said…

Solid support for an amazing task!

I wanted to get this out before the high of Friday night wore off. To say I was proud of our ladies is an absolute understatement.  Every once in a while I have one of those moments where I’m just so happy you can’t wipe the shit eating grin off my face…when things align just right to create something really special. Friday was definitely one of those moments for me and I just wanted to thank everyone for letting me experience that.

I was just so stoked to see that all the hard work those ladies do both in & out of the gym, pay off. You can accomplish a lot when you put together a group of capable, humble, strong human beings with a lot of heart despite a lack of experience. I know that win meant a lot to everyone involved with CFCA because it was a testament to what we do on a daily basis.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on an earlier rant I wrote a few years ago about training and transferability to do stuff that YOU want to do. I can’t help but say these ladies nailed that one right on the head. It was really an impressive display of teamwork and camaraderie and I was absolutely honored to feel even associated with Rowgue.  The way you guys carried yourselves spoke volumes for your individual characters and also for the gym as a whole.  So what if all 8 ladies did post win synchronized deadhang pull-ups from the rafters in the St. Peters Club…that’s merely just an expression of your ability to do things that most women can’t.

I’ve quoted my ski coach many times but it always comes around when I think about events like Friday night. He would say “the race was a celebration of all the hard work & training that led up to it”. That’s a really profound way to think about it and it has stuck with me over the years. As I’ve kind of strayed away from competitive racing, I tend to kind of tweak that sentiment to say that the motivating factor for me is an expression of my ability to do so. When I go up north to hike/run in the mountains, I do keep track of how long it takes to get to the summit and  back to the car. Am I gonna repeat and try to beat my time next year? Not likely. The time really doesn’t matter. What matters most is feeling fast and confident in my ability to do the task. It is an expression of my ability to do the task well.  That’s most important to me.

The ladies race was an absolute expression of their fitness, their heart, their ability to work as a unit despite people saying they couldn’t do it. I think they inspired a lot of people in the process. I saw a quote the other day that reads “exist to inspire”.  I thought that was a pretty cool phrase and really good one to live by.  Thanks to the ladies of Rowgue and the whole CFCA family for inspiring me Friday. It means more than you know. 

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