Week of 7/1-6….Happy 4th!

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Got a few sample IHP shirts since we are not going to buy them in bulk …sorry Kevin. Taking a page from the Gym Jones book and giving these out to our members of the month for outstanding effort. We may dangle a few out in front of people as extra incentive to hit a specific goal that we feel is within or just beyond their capacity. As always “effort earns respect” and it may just earn you a shirt too.

*Also we are starting a 30 day ascending gym wide challenge tomorrow. Which means you pick something you want to get better at and you do 1 “rep” the first day, 2 the second, 3 the third etc…. obviously as the days build, so does the volume.  Some examples would good options would be, pistols (each leg) muscle-ups or transitions, 1 min of cardio (run, row, bike) etc… you will have the first few days to pick something out as 1-3 reps is a non issue. If you have questions, we have answers or suggestions based on our opinions or your perceived weakness. For the ladies working on the muscle ups we would suggest. 1 false grip DH pull-up on the rings, 1 Chest to bar Kip pullup and 1 ring transition with dip….or just pic the part that is holding you back. Anyway think it through and we will likely make this an ongoing monthly re-up. Sometimes we’ll let you pick sometimes not.

General Warm-up for the week is

2 Rounds or 12-ish Mins
5 Wall Squats (8 second count start to finish, feet parallel & shoulder  width , toes STRAIGHT forward!)
5 PVC Dislocates (10 second count – should be actively pushing that bar away from the body at all times)
10 OHS Squats with PVC (5 second count start to finish)
5 Goblet Squats (Hold bottom position for 5 seconds for a stretch)
1 Length Gym Walking Lunge Forward (with very light KB or just arm overhead)
1 Length Gym Walking Lunge Backward (with very light KB or just arm overhead)

*Slow & methodical on this…turn the outside world off for the next hour please.

Monday 7/1 (Mixed Modality Focus)

Specific Warm Up

Rope Climb Review

WOD & Foundational

with a partner (alternating efforts 1 work/1 rest)

3 Rounds
7 Tire Flips
50 Double Unders or Singles

1 min off

3 Rounds
3 Rope Climbs or rope pulls
20/15 Cals Sprint AD

1 min off

3 Rounds
10 Sandbag Toss over rig
20/15 Cals Row sprint

*alternate round if all other stations are taken.
10 burpees
200 m run

Focus here is quick transition and all out effort when it is your time to shine!


Accrue a total of 5 minutes (300 seconds) in
ADV – Handstand
INT – Ring Support
NOV – High plank

*rest as needed.

Tuesday 7/2 (Strength Endurance Focus)

Specific Warm Up
10 mins to work up to a 1 rep Max Push Press

WOD & Foundational
15 min KB Complex with 2 KB’s  (coach assigned #)
3 Deadlifts (touch and go…no re-gripping)
3 Double Swing Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Walking Lunge in Rack Hold
3 Push Press

* when you drop the KB’s you must complete 5 Deadhang Pullups before you resume.

max rounds “wins”


5-10 min easy spin, row or run

Wednesday 7/3 (Benchmark Day)

Specific Warm Up

Work up to a 1RM Front Sqaut

WOD & Foundational

“Baseline” For Time:
500 m Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

*we will run heats with partners as counters. Make sure movements are solid as this one is a notoriously easy one to cheat…Don’t cheat yourself.  Modify as needed

compare to 3/6/13 or 6/15/12 or your first day of fundamentals.


Work up to a 1RM weighted Pull-up

Thursday 7/4 (Independence Day OFF)

*Gym is closed so run the back shore, trails, bike, hike, dog walk etc for 1 hr of consistent activity. You may eat and drink today so get some early exercise so you can enjoy the day fully!

Friday 7/5 (Grinder)

Specific Warm Up

WOD & MOD review. Please give thought to how to mod this best for your current capacity with the intention of progress over coasting….always.


“Jason” For time:
100 Squats
5 Muscle-ups
75 Squats
10 Muscle-ups
50 Squats
15 Muscle-ups
25 Squats
20 Muscle-ups

*In Honor Navy (SEAL) Jason Dale Lewis, who was killed by an IED while conducting combat operations in Southern Baghdad July 6, 2007.

If you can do Muscle-ups but the volume looks high you can cut the reps in half or modify in the style below.

Modified “Jason”
100 Squats
Max Muscle-ups in 1 min
75 Squats
Max Muscle-ups in 3 mins
50 Squats
Muscle-ups in 5 mins
25 Squats
Max Muscle-ups in 7 mins


100 Squats
5 DH Pull-ups/ 5 Strict Dips
75 Squats
10 DH Pull-ups/ 10 Strict Dips
50 Squats
15 DH Pull-ups/ 10 Strict Dips
25 Squats
20 DH Pull-ups/ 20 Strict Dips

*make your MODS challenging because MU’s are HARD. So your replacement should be hard. If you are close to MU’s discuss with coaches to create MODS to specifically target your deficiencies.


30 Min AMRAP
15 Air Squats
10 Hard Push-ups
7 Pull-ups
400 m run


Stretch & Roll

Saturday 7/6

Teams of 3 Ascending Reps 5,6,7,8,9,10 (1 work/1 hold/ 1 rest)

Hell Hill as team
KB Swings/ Hanstand or Plank
Slamballs / Wall sit
Plate Burpees/ Plate OH Hold
KB Push Press / Plank
Hell Hill as team

*if time allows Hell Track 21 total reps per team alternate after each “rep”


That’s it. Remember on your Outside the gym days to get some volume (45-60 mins) of “easy” activity. It may be the key that is holding you back.

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