Objectives, Motivation, & Cherry Pickin’

Why are you a member at CFCA? The workouts are rouuuuugh mon, so why do you continue to bust your ass week after week, month after month? Do you know what your objective is in coming to the gym? This is one of the biggest things we took away from our time out in SLC at Gym Jones… a clear objective is the first step toward progress.

The possession of anything begins with the mind. –Bruce Lee, the man

So it’s time (again maybe?) to think about what you want. Why do you show up (or not show up) to CFCA regularly? This conversation is between you, and you. Think about it hard and be completely honest. Do you want to be strong like bull? Looking to gym tone your frame up? Need an outlet after the 9-5 so you don’t lose your mind? Looking to keep in shape for your outside of the gym hobby/sport? Want to be a healthy example for your kids? As far as I’m concerned, no one objective is better than another. I could really care less if your reasons are strictly superficial or run deep. Knowledge is power though, and the clearer your objective, the easier your choices become at CFCA. Take some time and think about it. What’s the heart of your reason for being a CFCA’er. With that in mind, you are now ready to take on your Crossfit workouts with a new selective eye.

In an effort to facilitate the range of objectives all you guys and gals have, we’re going to start posting the workouts for the entire week on Sunday for you. Yep, all 5 workouts for the week will be there, all laid out for your viewing (or slightly nauseating) pleasure. The thinking behind this is to give everyone more of a chance to customize their experience at CFCA. What does this mean for you? Well, that depends on your goal. So first things first, figure out your objective and then read on…

If you’re a newbie, I’ve got some easy advice… just show up. Regularly. CFCA programming is designed in classic Crossfit style of mixing it up constantly… long grinders, short sprints, pushing, pulling, lifting, holding, and everything in between. You’ll get some strength & conditioning in every session and for you the key is to keep coming back and get CFCA into your weekly routine. Listen to the coaches when they talk about full range of motion and solid mechanics – don’t cheat yourself. Take the time to build good movement patterns and it’ll go a long way later for efficiency in both the strength & conditioning settings.

Are you the CFCA’r who goes RX every WOD? See your name in the top 4 (or very close) slots up on the benchmarks boards? If so, it’s likely time to start being a little more discerning with which Crossfit workouts you show up for each week. Each day’s workout will specify a ‘focus’ from a programming standpoint… strength/power focus, power/endurance focus, or endurance focus. Now is your chance to cherry pick the sessions for the week that most inspire you and will aid in your specific objective. Keep in mind you can only legitimately give 100% effort, a true full on max effort on a few workouts each week (100% = that WOD you want crawl into a hole after). It’s time to pick those workouts for the week and give that 100% effort, pick ones that look fun and will help support your objective. Use the other days of the week in more of a supplemental style to keep you injury proof and your foundation strong.

Are you somewhere in between these two CFCA’rs? Yep, most are (myself included). Maybe you’ve even been coming for a while but still have some glaring weaknesses to work on yes yes? If so, you’re with me Charlie and we’re still working on building our Foundation. The goal for you is to keep showing up, specifically on the days where your weaknesses show up, and keep working hard. Listen to your body on which workouts suit you that week and perhaps a little cherry picking here and there will help you conquer your weaknesses faster. In general though, just work dem buns off every time you show up and keep your eyes on the prize. Work through the uncomfortableness, and record your both your progress, as well as your defeats. “What is defeat? Nothing but education: nothing but the first step to something better.” Bruce knows what’s up! Did you know he’s the man? Well he was, and is.

Alright now… time to specify your objectives. Assess yourself. Choose to succeed. Enjoy the process.

**** If you really have no idea where you are or need some haaaaalp please, remember we are offering up consultations where we can talk you through things a bit. Whether you’re a newbie looking for something to do during Open Gym time, or the 2+ year Vet looking to get some guidance to achieve more specific goals – a quick chat might be very helpful. In order to make the session most productive, you’ll need to fill out & bring this sheet >> (ConsultSheet) all filled in. The more information here the better so if you need additional space go for it. It’ll give us a little insight into a week’s worth of your life… your nutrition, sleep, mental health, exercise, recovery, stress…etc. Email us to set one up. Consults are $25/30mins.

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