Row Relay for Cals!

5 min Row, Run or Ride

Specific WU
  7 mins Burpee Lay-ups


Tabata “Hell”

20 Seconds Work / 10 Seconds Hold x 8

Squat / Squat Hold @ parallel
Rest 1 min
Push-up / High Plank
Rest 1 min
Sit-up / Leg Raise 6in off floor
Rest 1 min
Candlestick / Crabhold
Rest 1 min
Tuck Hold on Rings / Support on Rings

*in the 1 min rest estimate how many times you broke the hold. For every time you owe 1 plate burpee 25/15# at the end of the session.

Cool Down

OTG Challenge

Run or walk the back shore

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