Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 6.27.41 PMJodi…Post Mudder. Do you have any events you are training for outside the gym? If no,  why not?

5 min Row, Run or Ride

Specific WU

5 min Partner Med ball Toss
Rotate through
5 Wallball toss
5 Overhead toss
5 Side toss R & L
5 Underhand toss

*increase velocity over 5 mins.


 Max Reps in 60 seconds! 60 Sec off in between

One-hand KB Snatch, switch hands as needed
Box Jump
Two-hand KB Press (any rest must be done in Rack Position)
KB Swing
Goblet Squat
Ball Slam
Farmer Carry (for max meters)

5 min rest

Row 60 All Out seconds for max meters
Rest 4-5 minutes
  AirDyne All Out 60 seconds for max calories

Post Stats to the board especially for the last 2!


50 OHS with Just the bar and Couch Stretch 2 mins per side

OTG Challenge/ Recovery
100 Turkish Get-ups

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