photo22 people at 5:30am is a record.  Remember early birds that there is a 5:30am Tuesday. Maybe tweak your routine from M-W- F to M-T-W-F-S and throw a few outside of the gym challenges in there and see what happens!  Add intermittent fasting for good measure.

5 min Row, Run or Ride

Specific WU  with partner
1 min Ascending Alternating Push-ups
1 min Ascending Alternating Air Squats
1 min Ascending Alternating Burpees

50 Strict Ring Dips or 15 mins whichever comes first.

Take 5 mins to establish what resistance is hard for 5 Full ROM strict dips
then start clock.

5 mins off to set up for WOD

10 Rounds for time
10 (5/side) OH walking lunges (53/35# KB)
15 Box Jumps (24/20in)

Amrap 15 mins

10 (5/side) walking lunges (overhead or rack)
15 Box Jumps


5 min Row, Run or Ride

OTG Challenge

Run to the end of the breakwater and back

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