Goat Day- Baaaaaahh!

photo copyShits piling up! Check the lost and found this week for your missing items cause Friday is donation day. Those dodgeball tee’s are free if anyone wants them. *Also water bottle storage is out of control please take a peek and help us thin the ranks.

400m Run
400m Run

5 min Warm-up to get set up for WOD


“Goat Day”

16 mins

Pick 1 Gymnastic Weakness & 1 Weightlifting Weakness

Even Mins= Max Consecutive Gymnastic Reps till Failure
Odd Mins= Max Consecutive Weightlifting Reps till Failure

*make sure Reps are hard! 60-70% 1RM if applicable. You should be at failure by the 30sec point.  Also all barbell movements start from the floor to make space on the the rig for gymnastics.


Teams of  4-5 Relay
All out Sprint to the third telephone pole and back.
8 rounds per person. Alternate through

Easy Jog, Dyne or Row.

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