April Member Profile

Eric Rydbeck

Nickname: Bug, Trikki, RideBack

Occupation outside of being a crossfit champ: Marine Biologist

Hometown: South Hamilton, MA

Favorite workout: Filthy 50, or any long hero or Benchmark WOD

Favorite Lift:
Deadlift, mostly because I have seen some major progress with this one. I remember when I couldn’t lift a pound more than 235, and now I am closing in on 400.

Which class do you usually attend?
Whenever I can squeeze one in with my work schedule, but usually a 415 and 645am on Friday.

How did you find out about crossfit?
Found out about Crossfit from Ross Robinson.

Did you play sports back in the day? Or was it all smoking butts under the bleachers?
I ran cross country and track, but I was also really into skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.

Word on the street is you’ve just hit a big 2 Year CFCA milestone. Congrats! How has Crossfit changed your life outside of the gym?
Before joining crossfit I thought I was in pretty good shape. I have always been active, but I have never had a gym membership before. In physical therapy for a shoulder injury from work the therapist told me I should consider working out to stay in shape for my job. That was a wake up call that I might need to be doing a little more. Since joining crossfit cape ann I am so much stronger and healthier. I sleep better, I eat better (with the help of my amazing personal paleo chef Abby Rydbeck), and I push myself much harder than I ever did before.

What and/or who motivates/inspires you?
Every CFCA member pushing themselves beyond what they thought they could do. My faith. My wife teaching ESL in Lawrence Public Schools 5 days a week.

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve with the gains made at CFCA?
Row a Grand Banks Dory around Cape Ann.

What are your hobbies outside of Crossfit?
Surfing, scuba diving, lobstering, and spear fishing.

You are a parent to one very sweet pitbull pup… how does Caspian deal with your new found crossfit strength and stamina?
Despite being almost 11 years old, Caspian maintains his muscular physique by lying in the sun, forward rolls in the yard, moving from couch to couch, and the occasional trash can flip .

What’s your favorite aspect of CFCA?
CFCA Community!

Any tips for the newbs?
Try not to get intimidated by the workouts, just do your best, and don’t worry about the RX weights. Push yourself as hard as you can, when you hit the wall physically or mentally, take three deep breaths and keep moving. Gains will come.

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